Was Fisman sidelined by the Science Table?

By: Greg Staley

Written on May 29th, 2021.

According to a letter released today by the Ontario Science Table – we may see schools reopen soon. That is because the Ontario Science Table is recommending a regional reopening approach to schools. What is interesting however is the notable opposition to this announcement from one of the Ontario Science Tables most prominent members – David Fisman.

The letter says that “school closures create significant harms” and that “this deterioration is now evident in the form of increased ambulatory care use and hospital admissions, most poignantly for children and youth with eating disorders and that “schools can reopen safely on a regional basis.” This didn’t stop the prominent member of the Science Table from speaking out against the letter however – and it has some asking whether David Fisman has been sidelined from the Ontario Science Table.

In response to the letter from the Ontario Science Table, Fisman took to Twitter to condemn the move. This led Anthony Furey of the Toronto Sun and True North to comment on the matter. Mr. Furey said “Fisman has clearly been sidelined by the Ontario Science Table and now has to resort to publicly critiquing them from afar.” Mr. Furey added that it’s a “good day for Ontario.”

Fisman said that he disagreed with much of the Ontario Science Tables guidance saying that “we may get away with this gamble, or may not.” One thing is for sure is that the Ontario Science Table by all accounts appears to be ignoring Mr. Fisman’s views and going the complete opposite way he would recommend with his guidance. We have reached out to Mr. Fisman to ask why he believes the Ontario Science Table departed from their previous advice and ultimately his own. We will update this article as new information become available.

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