Open Ontario schools and put our children first — here’s why

Ontario schools should be open, let’s put our children first.

They are safe at school, read to find out why.

Doctors sound alarm on harm of lockdowns – Concerned Ontario Doctors Covid-19 summit

As Ontarians are amid their 3rd lockdown, a group known as the Concerned Ontario Doctors hosted a summit on the harms of lockdowns that featured some very prominent medical professionals. The event took place on April 11th at 4 pm eastern time….

“ICUs aren’t overwhelmed:” Roman Baber takes shots at Ford Government

In a recent post from Ontario MPP Roman Baber, he breaks down just a taste of the real stats and information surrounding Ontario Hospital’s Intensive Care Units (ICUs).

Did New Zealand Just Break the Nuremberg Code?

A video came across my newsfeed this weekend, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was in a media scrum, speaking about vaccinating citizens. She can be seen talking about how “it is my expectation” that all front-line workers get vaccinated for their safety. She goes on to say that the time was up that was allotted to them to do their research on the vaccine, for them to feel comfortable to make a decision…

“Dollarama is essential to low-income folks,” people react to Ontario’s essential goods regulation

Dollarama is essential for low-income families and now they may not be able to afford to buy the products they need. Sites like Amazon charge an arm and a leg for the same products you buy from the dollar store.

54% of Canadians within $200 of insolvency

According to the MNP Consumer Debt index – 54% of Canadians are within just $200 of financial insolvency. The blog from MNP says that “As pandemic-related government aid and loan deferral programs begin to wind down, the latest MNP Consumer Debt Index finds the number of Ontarians hovering close to financial insolvency has reached a five-year high.”

Family Kitchen in Leamington defies lockdowns and opens up – large crowd gathers in support

The Family Kitchen in Leamington Ontario defied Premier Ford’s lockdown orders on Tuesday, April the 6th when they opened up their doors for indoor dining to a large crowd that had amassed on less than 24 hours notice.

The Curious Case Of High ICU Occupancy – But Not From Covid.

What I found curious were Windsor and Niagara, two different hospitals near or at max ICU occupancy but yet their occupants consist of individuals that are not suffering from Covid. . As you can see from the data below 103% occupancy at Niagara with only

Not As Advertised: Alberta is going Nuclear — but is it worth the cost?

Premier Jason Kenney is looking to create jobs, diversify the economy and cleaner power for remote communities with Nuclear SMRs — but it’s sort of a facade — read to find out why.

The Case Of Texas, What They’re Doing and Why It Matters.

In case you are unaware, recently, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott removed all Covid-19 restrictions including masking and the closure of businesses.