About Diverge Media


Two Brothers are the founders of Diverge Media. Let us walk you through our story.

After graduating from Conestoga College with a diploma in Multimedia Journalism, Broderick Visser decided to do something different. Job markets looked bleak so he decided he would build his resume by starting his own news site.

His brother Greg Staley, who had gone to school for web development built the website and developed the brand. After some back and forth over the name, Diverge Weekly turned into Diverge Media and the journey began.

Gregory Staley chose to leave his job in the Canadian Armed Forces as a reservist to pursue work with Diverge Media. He had just begun his journey and had not yet gone to BMQ.

He reached out up the chain of command for release, writing to them:

“I believe I can do more to serve my country by covering what’s going on in the media then I can by serving as a reservist in the military.”

With his release granted, Greg joined the Diverge Media team – and the hustle to cover the “stories that matter” has been on ever since.

Broderick Visser has since left the company but Greg Staley has continued to build the company in addition to working full-time on a farm. Every time you donate to Diverge Media you are supporting a truly independent media outlet.

Once Mr. Staley is able to take home $35,000 annually from Diverge he will pursue Diverge Media full-time again. This is enough to cover the expenses of the business and to cover his living expenses.

Here’s to a truly Canadian story!