Trudeau Scandal – the dark crevices of PS752

Recently, Diverge Media released a bombshell detailing another Justin Trudeau scandal. You see the Prime Minister has blatantly lied to Canadians when he repeated the findings of the Yaworski report (a report his government commissioned) that said that there was “no evidence of premeditation” – in other words, there was no evidence found that Iran had intended to shoot down flight PS752.

We know that this statement is an OUTRIGHT LIE. You see, on Dec 2nd of 2020 the RCMP was handed evidence that indicated that flight PS752 was intentionally targeted with the intention to blame the United States for the shoot down – the Yaworski report was released a full 7 months later on June 24th of 2021.

Iran thought that after launching missiles into American military bases in Iraq that they could expect some missiles to come back their way, and if it happened they would blame the USA for the shoot down. Fortunately, the USA never retaliated.

Now here is where WE NEED YOUR HELP! This story is being heavily censored by social media and so far those in the independent Canadian media as well as the mainstream media (apart from a few outlets) have decided this story isn’t worth their coverage. We know that truth, justice and accountability matters to our audience and to all Canadians. After all, a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian (Justin Trudeau’s own words) and our fellow Canadians need help getting their story out!

Here is what you can do…

Below is the link to a pdf that contains a condensed version of part 4 of our PS752 series (bombshell indicating Trudeau has blatantly lied). This PDF file contains a QR code that when scanned will bring others directly to the full article on our website. We ask that you print this PDF and hand it to other likeminded Canadians – that is Canadians that care about truth, justice and accountability. If social media and our Canadian media outlets won’t help get this story out we can (and will) get it out through grassroots support.

With your help Canadians will learn the truth! Print the PDF below and share away! Have a business – print a few copies out! Know someone that would allow this to be shared inside their business – share it with them! Have some likeminded friends – share it with them!