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MP Derek Sloan Concerned About Censorship of Doctors and Scientists – Press Conference

On June 17th, 2021, Derek Sloan, the independent MP from Hasting-Lennox and Addington held a press conference to raise concerns about the censorship taking place within the scientific and medical communities in Canada. Mr. Sloan began, “those of you watching this today may not be aware that several weeks ago I issued a call for whistleblowers to our medical and scientific communities across this country. Doctors, nurses, medical scientists and other experts have indeed reached out to me through various channels to tell me their stories.”

mRNA Vaccine Creator “They Were Aware” of Risks with Spike Protein

ck when we were doing randomized clinical trials that these adverse events were occurring, many of them were oddly delayed and atypical for a vaccine trial. This is totally new technology and that kind of gets at the core is I think one of our problems here is the assumption that this is like every other vaccine we have ever seen and it’s not. It’s very different technology.”

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