VIDEO: Norman Traversy’s speech on corruption in Canada

OTTAWA – Thousands of patriotic Canadians flooded Parliament Hill this first of July to rally together in the name of civil liberties.

Norman Traversy has been fighting Trudeau in court since September 2019 — but to no prevail — he was left unheard by the Ottawa courts.

WATCH: Norman Traversy gives a speech on Parliament Hill on July 1, 2020.

This afternoon, after his speech, Traversy and his mass of Canadian patriots peacefully marched to the U.S., embassy in Ottawa, Ont., to hand over a 192 page document on corruption within the Trudeau government and Canada.

As of noon on July 1, 2020, U.S., President Donald Trump has received the electronic version of this document.

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Diverge Media spoke with Traversy after the handoff and asked him what he would like to see happen following the handoff to the U.S., Embassy.

“We’re going to hold their feet to the fire and make sure they do what they’re obliged to do in the treaty – especially section 27 – and this is not going away, this is just step one,” he said.

The treaty he is referring to is the United States, Mexico, Canadian trade agreement called the USMCA. This new agreement was put in place of NAFTA and just went into effect today.

Section 27 of the USMCA refers to anti-corruption within each party of the agreement and says:

“The parties recognize that the description of offenses adopted or maintained in accordance with this chapter, and of the applicable legal defenses or legal principles controlling the lawfulness of conduct, is reserved to each party’s law, and that those offenses shall be prosecuted and punished in accordance with each party’s law.”

This could mean that if the U.S., or Mexico find corruption within Canada, Canadians could see tariffs placed on the goods they receive from the United States and Mexico.

Time will tell what will happen in regards to these events.

Diverge Media will continue to cover this story as it develops.

Stay tuned.

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