Breaking: Telus and Bell mobile networks go dark in southern Ontario

  • SOUTHERN ONTARIO- Many Koodo and Telus customer today experienced the loss of mobile coverage.
  • You may have experienced problems if you are a Bell or Virgin customer.
  • From roughly 12:30 p.m. to 12:55 p.m. customers in Southern Ontario experienced the dreaded feeling of not being able to call or text their friends and family.
  • The network’s went down across many parts of Southern Ontario, including Kitchener where Diverge Media is based.

Diverge Media has reached out to the media team at Telus for comment on their networks going dark today for about 15 to 20 minutes and will soon reach out to Bell and Virgin for comment.

Diverge Media asked the Telus representative about the cause of the outages, if it was cyber-attack related and asked for a response as soon as possible.

The website showed outages across all of southern Ontario. – Problems at Koodo – Koodo Mobile
Reported Problems seem to starts around 12:30 pm

A spokesperson from Telus gave us the following statement about the outages on the Telus mobile network. Diverge Media has sent a response asking for the reason why the network went down to begin with.

Telus – Statement on outages

Diverge Media will continue to update this story as details come out.

To find out if your network has experienced problems visit: and go to the live map after typing in your coverage provider.

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