The biggest line yet? — Large protest expected on Parliament Hill August 29th

Perhaps you’ve seen the poster’s circling around on social media discussing “the biggest line drawn yet”. An organization known as The Line Canada has organized a large gathering on Parliament Hill set to take place on Saturday, August 29th, 2020. In their Facebook post displaying the poster for the event, The Line Canada calls on like minded Canadians to come out in support saying: “Canadians will be gathering on Parliament Hill in Ottawa! Over 200,000 people are expected to attend. Be part of history.”

The Line Canada’s Ontario chapter has been meeting every Saturday at Queen’s Park in Toronto for over 16 weeks now, but it still hasn’t garnered much positive main stream media coverage. Events at Queen’s Park have generally seen crowds of around 100 to 300 people depending on who is speaking and the general timing of the event. The Line Canada currently has about 20,000 followers on their on Facebook page.

In recent months, they’ve seen large numbers of people turn out in support to protest anti-corruption, anti-lockdown, and mandatory masks legislation. Just a few months ago, Ottawa police estimated that roughly 10,000 people turned out in support of Norm Traversy’s private prosecution of Justin Trudeau on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ont., Canada.

Canadians have a world renowned reputation of kindness and politeness, however they also have a reputation of courage and ferociousness when pushed too far — as is evident from Canada’s performance in countless battles in World War 2. It is with this knowledge that I ask the question, what happen’s when corruption in the highest office of a country isn’t held accountable and dissenting public voices are prevented from being involved in the public discourse?

That is the exact scenario Canadians now find themselves in. Many qualified voices wish to hold a public discourse about what effective COVID-19 policies are and debate the best long-term solution’s for Canadians. Public debate is being stifled by an indifferent ruling political class and a complicit media who refuses to show the coverage of these events in an unbiased manner.

That’s why we took the time to clip together some protest videos from around the world for you to check out. The Canadian media need to realize that many citizens are discontent with their government’s handling of COVID-19 and the policies they’ve implemented to combat it. It is our duty to cover those events fairly, while remaining impartial and unbiased.

Published by Greg Staley

Greg Staley is a husband and a father to 4 beautiful girls. He is the owner of Diverge Media and takes pride in telling the stories that matter - even if they may be unpopular. In addition to writing, editing, and producing videos and articles for Diverge, Mr. Staley also works full-time on a farm. Mr. Staley is working hard to be able to pursue Diverge Media full-time and wholeheartedly believes that it will become a reality in the near-future with the support of the readers/viewers of Diverge Media.