STALEY: Full steam ahead! — how Trudeau is bankrupting Canada

Another 10 billion pledged — Prime minister Trudeau has come out and pledged another $10 billion dollars for the scandal ridden Canada Infrastructure Bank on infrastructure and clean technology projects. The Canada Infrastructure Bank had been investigated by the Parliamentary Budget Office and it was found that there were 20,000 unfunded infrastructure projects out of an approximate 52,000 total projects.

This Infrastructure Bank has received over 57 billion dollars to date under the Liberal government, with many of the projects lacking evidence of ever being started or completed. The government of Canada’s Chrystia Freeland said,

“Another 12,000 projects were funded through municipalities, though cabinet didn’t know the locations and any questions should be directed to the mayors.”

The problems continue to mount against the government for their questionable decision to shift more money to a corrupt Infrastructure Bank that has proven it doesn’t deserve ANY taxpayer dollars. Out of the $10 billion allocated to the Infrastructure Bank, only $5 billion has been making its way to any actual projects according to lists referenced by Conservative MP, Pierre Poilievre.

All of this comes on the heels of the PBO saying that “Canada’s current deficit level will be ‘unsustainable’ within one to two years”. That doesn’t seem to phase the Prime Minister of Canada who is still setting about to find new creative ways to give away money the Canadian taxpayers don’t have to give — all in the name of the kumbaya United Nations.

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The PBO had this to say in regards to the Prime Minister’s budget;

“It’s without a doubt that we cannot afford deficits of over $300 billion for more than just a few years,” said Giroux. “And when I say a few years, I really mean a year or two. Beyond that, it would become unsustainable.”

“So if the government has plans for additional spending, it will clearly have to make difficult choices and either raise taxes or reduce other areas of spending. Because it’s clear that we cannot afford to have deficits of that magnitude for even the medium term.”

Well, the Prime Minister has made it clear from his throne speech that he has every intention of increasing spending — not reducing it. During his throne speech he floated the idea of universal dental care, pharmacare, and an extension of the CERB, that is devastating businesses ability to obtain workers.

It is clear from this governments past and current behaviour that these funds will likely “magically disappear” on the way to their various approved government allocations — leaving only a small portion to actually get to their destinations.

The PBO has told the Prime Minister to curtail government spending and or services or risk having to drastically raise taxes — but the Prime Minister doesn’t mind raising taxes, he’s made that abundantly clear. This country needs less government intervention to obtain any sort of real recovery — not more of it. Unfortunately under the Liberals and Conservatives who have both signed onto the Sustainable Development Agenda — not much is set to change in any drastic way.

What we have between the Liberals and Conservatives is effectively the choice of Coke or Pepsi — still soda — just a different flavour.

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