The Great Barrington Declaration — three points of contention

The Great Barrington Declaration (GBD) — Infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists have come together in signing the GBD — a document expressing grave concerns about the physical and mental impacts of current COVID policies and recommend a focused protection approach.

Overwhelming support

Over 27,000 medical practitioners, 10,000 medical and public health scientists and nearly half a million concerned citizens have signed the Great Barrington declaration as of October, 16, 2020 — but what does it really mean?

Not at risk can live again!

“Those who are not vulnerable should immediately be allowed to resume life as normal.”

The Great Barrington Declaration

This point alone has many clamouring to sign a document that may contain information they don’t agree with. Although the GBD is a short document, it may have recommendations in it that may clash with ones understanding of the facts.

Three issues

The GBD recommends that nursing homes perform ” frequent PCR testing of other staff and all visitors” and that “retired people living at home should have groceries and other essentials delivered to their home.” My issue with this approach is three pronged;

1.) PCR testing is inherently unreliable to diagnose illness unless sent for lab culture to prove infectiousness.

2.) Healthy people (truly healthy) should not be subjected to an inherently flawed test.

3.) Retired people gain valuable social interactions on their trips to local business for their “essentials.”

Article: Staley: The Joke that is COVID testing

Great Barrington Declaration

Although I agree with the vast majority of the GBD, I can’t sign onto more erroneous and imprecise PCR testing systems being implemented that will have deep impacts on the lives of many.

Perhaps you feel the same.


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