Author Jasbir Singh on how Islam and Hindu religions have “degraded the status of women”

Jasbir Singh is an Indian social justice activist, and is now a three-time published author from Jammu and Kashmir, India. In his newest book touches on controversial topics such as rape, religion and other various social issues.

The book, ‘Why Does a Man Rape?’ comes with a number of controversies — but with that comes a lot of truth.

In the following clip Singh talks about how the stories and mythologies within various popular religions in India have “degraded the status of the women.”

“There are a lot of mythologies that talks about how the Islamic and Hindu religion degrade the status of the women. Sometimes I think that they might be the root causes behind these heinous crimes because ultimately the thinking comes from your culture — your religion that you follow every day,” Singh said in an interview with Diverge Media on November 8, 2020.

WATCH: Author Jasbir Singh talks on how Islam and Hindu religions have “degraded the status of women”

In another clip of ours, Singh talks about the mindset and thinking behind many men in India and what happens when they come to Canada with that same mindset.

“The rape offender has the same thinking whether he is in India or whether he is in Canada.”
Seeing a woman in a bikini and bra — “it’s a very rare thing if you see in India”

“In India, it’s very strange — you won’t see such type thing that girl is going out in a bikini and bra — it’s a very rare thing if you see in India. But those people that are coming from India, that are coming in Canada they see type of things, sometimes they are not ready to accept such type of things. But they should know that these things are normal — these things that are happening in other countries are normal,” said Singh.

He went on to say that if these types of things are normal in Canada, they should go home knowing that it should be normal in India.

Singh said he hopes he will be able to change the thought process in potential rape offenders as well as shift culture with the release of his third book “Why Does a Man Rape?”

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