Change the Covid testing to prove people are actually infectious – a template for health officials and politicians

Hello, I’m sending you this letter to request that you advocate for changes in the Covid-19 testing. I ask that whether it be antigen testing, PCR testing, or any other form of testing, that all positive results from here on be sent off to a lab to confirm that they are actually infectious and therefore – able to infect others. This was previously done by the National Microbiology Lab.

It has become increasingly evident that a positive Covid test doesn’t mean that the person is actually infectious. That is to say, a positive Covid test doesn’t mean that the person is a threat to the wellbeing of other Canadians.

A recent study published in titled “Post-lockdown SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid screening in nearly ten million residents of Wuhan, China” tested roughly 10 million residents with 300 positive cases coming from “asymptomatic” individuals. Of the 300 “asymptomatic” individuals and I quote “virus culture was carried out on samples from asymptomatic positive cases, and found no viable SARS-CoV-2 virus.” It continues by saying “there was no evidence that the identified asymptomatic positive cases were infectious.”

This means that out of the roughly 10 million residents that were tested, only 300 were positive asymptomatic cases – and none proved to be infectious. If we’re going to decimate our economy as our approach to dealing with Covid-19 through ongoing lockdowns, we should at least prove that positive “cases” are actually infectious and therefore an actual liability to the general public.

Therefore we the undersigned request that all positive cases going forward are sent off to a lab to verify that they can infect another cell culture – and prove they are actually able to infect others. This is a very reasonable request – and one I fully expect to have your support on. I think this is a very reasonable approach to help Canadians going forward.


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Published by Greg Staley

Greg Staley is a husband, and a father to 3 beautiful girls. He is a concerned citizen who is closely watching his government's actions through critical thinking, and assessment of all qualified and relevant data. He believes in going to the Primary sources of data at all times if possible.