SNC-Lavalin awarded $30 million USD construction contract by Coeur Rochester, Inc.

MONTREAL – SNC-Lavalin has been awarded a $30 million USD contract by Coeur Rochester, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Coeur Mining, Inc.

They are to provide construction management services for the “Plan of Operations, Amendment Number 11” expansion project at Coeur’s Rochester mine near Lovelock, Nevada.

The contract began in the last quarter of 2020 and is estimated to be finished by the end of 2022.

“SNC-Lavalin’s Mining & Metallurgy strategic plan is gaining traction with this mandate. It is an example of the mining services work that our team is winning across our core geographies, including the United States of America. SNC-Lavalin and Coeur continue to foster a strong relationship that finds and executes services solutions to create world-class operations,” said César Inostroza, Senior Vice-President, Mining & Metallurgy, SNC-Lavalin. “This award is a testament to the continued partnership between SNC-Lavalin and Coeur. It leverages our knowledge of the Rochester mine and engineering expertise from the previous phase of this project and expands our work in the US.”

“The POA 11 expansion project includes the construction of a new crushing plant, including a primary, secondary and tertiary crushing circuit (high pressure grinding rolls (HPGR)), a new heap leach pad (300,000,000 tons), a new Merrill Crowe process plant (13,750 gallons per minute), and upgrades to existing electrical utility system infrastructure, including a new substation and power distribution lines. This mandate is well aligned with our expertise in silver, gold and base metal project delivery as well as our commitment to delivering real value to our clients. SNC-Lavalin’s offices in Reno, Nevada and Toronto, Ontario will continue to support the construction management phase of the project. In addition, a team based locally at the site will manage construction-related activities,” reads the press release from SNC-Lavalin via Newswire.

“The strong business partnership between Coeur and SNC-Lavalin will help ensure a robust project delivery for Rochester, paving the way for improved performance in the future,” said Terrence F.D. Smith, Coeur’s Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer. “All of us at Coeur look forward to continue working with SNC-Lavalin as we advance this pivotal project.”

SNC-Lavalin is well known for it’s scandal involving Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau fired then sitting Attorney General, Jody Wilson-Raybould, for not doing the PMO’s bidding and signing a deferred prosecution agreement for SNC-Lavalin so that he could appoint someone who would.

ARTICLE: Even my child knows — The Prime Minister’s behaviour isn’t acceptable

An article from 2019 by the National Post quotes Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion in the ethics report saying:

“Dion said the Prime Minister had breached the rules by “improperly” furthering the interests of SNC-Lavalin. Decisions by the attorney general were supposed to be free of political considerations, but it was clear that Trudeau and the people around him “viewed the matter chiefly through a political lens to manage a legal issue,” wrote Dion.”

“The report by Dion opened up a whole new scandal, even before it got into the details of the SNC-Lavalin affair. “During this examination, nine witnesses informed our office that they had information they believed to be relevant, but that could not be disclosed because” it would breach cabinet confidence, the report reads.” (From the National Post article, “The SNC-Lavalin scandal: Here’s what’s true and what’s false.”)

Do you think that SNC-Lavalin deserves this contract years after their scandal involving Trudeau? Why or why not? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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