Health Canada approves portable Covid testing device – gives results in under 90 minutes

The Hyris bCUBE is a portable DNA-testing laboratory in a box that offers a point of care testing wherever people may need it. The device is small enough to be held in a user’s hand can be controlled by any device with an internet connection including a smartphone.

Hyris bCUBE

On September 25th, 2020 Health Canada granted approval for the Hyris bCUBE to be used for COVID-19 human testing. It had previously been used for surface testing. The press release by Songbird Life Science, the exclusive distributor of the Hyris bCUBE said that “this timely approval arrives as Canadians face rising COVID-19 cases and it supports the testing capabilities of provincial programs to meet demand.

Aims to help businesses

The release says that “now, with Health Canada’s approval for human testing, more Canadians and businesses can access testing that is accurate, quicker and less invasive—wherever they are in the country. This is particularly significant for vulnerable or remote communities, businesses or industries, where access to onsite rapid testing is key.”

Hyris bCUBE

It uses PCR technology

The bCUBE deploys PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) technology that has demonstrated a 95%+ accuracy rate in clinical trials according to the press release.

The bCube’s previous life

 Dr. Steven Newmaster, University of Guelph Genomics Professor said that “we have validated the bCUBE after using it for several years in the food and natural products industry to identify pathogens, microbes, animal and botanical species ingredients.”

bCUBE aims to address gaps in testing capability for Canadians

Deleo de Leonardis, the co-founder of Songbird Life Science said “this is key to keeping the economy running and people safe, despite the ongoing pandemic. Test results in minutes is a game-changer.”

Hyris is a UK based company

The press release says that Hyris is producing the bCUBE’s in Italy and Germany in “accordance with the strictest quality and engineering requirements.” Businesses that are interested in the bCUBE can contact them directly on the Songbird Life Science website.

The release also says that Songbird “currently working with government officials at all levels to assess how this technology can be best deployed to remote communities and other locations where the need for onsite COVID-19 testing with rapid results is especially urgent.”

About Songbird Life Science

The release says “Songbird is the joint enterprise between RWDI, leading engineers in building science, and Purity-IQ, world-renowned genomic and biotechnology scientists.”

The release from Songbird Life Science describes their own company in an about section on the release – here’s what they had to say;

“Songbird consultants are world-class scientists offering onsite testing with rapid results, risk evaluations, ventilation and airflow analysis, and emergency response solutions.” For the record, I have no reason not to believe they’re qualified – I just found it odd that you would choose to toot your own horn in your press release in the way they did.

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