“RESIGN” Let’s send our prepaid postcards to Trudeau

Photo from Twitter user @Serena_writes.

Last week, Canada Post announced they would be sending 13.5 million postage-paid postcards to every household in Canada — specifically to a loved one. (Many of which began arriving at Canadian homes Monday).

But what if we sent them to the Prime Minister of Canada? Telling him to resign with our various reasons why.

Many Twitter users brought up this idea last week while Canada Post was trending — and many are following through.

Some even put up a poll asking if others were doing it too.

While some may like him or love his ridiculous socks or hair — I think many do not like our current government and the buffoon who is leading it.

How do I put this lightly? Many Canadians don’t love you, Mr. Trudeau.

So why should he resign — here’s why. Below is a list of nine reasons why relating to scandals, missteps, ethics violations and unfulfilled promises.

Scandals, ethics violations, missteps

From scandals and ethics violations like his vacation to the Aga Khan’s island, his involvement of attempted political interference with the justice system regarding SNC Lavalin, The $900 million WE Charity grant program (a charity that hired his family previously) and the $10.5 million payout to Omar Khadr, son of Ahmed Said Khadr, who was a top al-Qaeda commander.

It’s really easy to tell that Justin Trudeau isn’t fit for power.

$2.5 billion infrastructure funds missing

Back in 2017, the parliamentary budget watchdog said it couldn’t find $2.5 billion dollars of infrastructure spending. Reasons for the missing money include that the Liberals may defer some intended spending to future years and the spending estimates are presented in such a complicated way that the office of parliamentary budget officer Jean-Denis Frechette couldn’t find the money.

The Liberals have been criticized for failing to produce a solid plan for the $186 billion infrastructure investment.


Don’t forget the three (possibly more) occurrences of Trudeau dressing up in blackface for various occasions.

Trudeau blackface photos

The left photo being at a high school talent show at Montreal’s Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf. He wore blackface to sing Harry Belefonte’s hit Day O (Banana Boat Song).

The middle one being from when he taught at West Point Grey Academy, a private school in Vancouver. This was the photo that originally broke the story. It was on a gala night themed as “Arabian Nights.”

The last one on the right was obtained by Global News, a video of Trudeau from the 1990s in blackface with rips in his pants showing it may have gone from head to toe.

Costume trip to India

The Trudeau family repeatedly wore elaborate coloured costumes during an eight-day trip to India in February 2018. It created a fury on social media — since many Indian officials he met were wearing suits.

During that trip Trudeau even “side faced awkward questions about how Jaspal Atwal, who was convicted in 1986 of the attempted murder of an Indian politician visiting Canada, had been invited to a reception for Trudeau in New Delhi,” says Reuters.

With that, there are so many more (too many) to list and explain. There were also his sarcastic remarks to an indigenous protestor and he even accidentally elbowed a female Parliamentarian in the breast.

Attendance at cash-for-access fundraiser with Chinese billionaires

In May 2016, Trudeau was a “top draw at a $1,500 Liberal Party cash-for-access fundraiser at the mansion of a wealthy Chinese-Canadian business executive,” says a Globe and Mail article.

“The Globe and Mail has learned that wealthy Chinese businessman Zhang Bin who, with a partner, donated $1-million to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation and the University of Montreal Faculty of Law weeks after the fundraiser, also attended the event. Mr. Zhang is a political adviser to the Chinese government in Beijing and a senior apparatchik in the network of Chinese state promotional activities around the world.”

The carbon tax(s)

We had our first Carbon Tax introduced just over 2 years ago. It was imposed on provinces that didn’t have a climate plan that met Ottawa’s standards. It pushed the price of gas, oil and propane up. Then he promised that it wouldn’t cost Canadians long-term because he would be sure to send rebates out — but Canadians were left short-changed.

According to Lorrie Goldstein in the Toronto Sun, Blacklock’s Reporter noted last month that $246 million in rebates were withheld from families across Canada ($217.9 million in Ontario, $16.4 million in Manitoba and $11.7 million in New Brunswick) which the latter “is not longer part of the federal carbon tax regime,” wrote Goldstein.

On top of that small and medium-sized businesses were short-changed by $152.5 million and municipalities, universities, school boards and hospitals were withheld $73.6 million.

All of which occurred because the government says it underestimated carbon tax revenues for 2019 and rebates have been adjusted this year to make up for the discrepancies.

A report for Ontario from the Canadian Press is cited by Goldstein by a “Giroux” which showed that 40 per cent of households based on income, are now paying more in carbon taxes than they received in rebates from a low of $61 this year to a maximum of $208 in 2024-25.

Trudeau promised before he has elected for a second term that he wouldn’t raise the carbon tax from a frozen $50 per tonne annually after 2022. (But it’s a broken promise.)

He then announced post-election that it will rise annually by $15 a tonne after 2022 — up to $170 per tonne in 2030. This alone, Goldstein cites, will push gas prices alone up 38 cents per litre.

Where to send the postcard

When you receive this postcard, customize it according to your own tastes — including messages, opinions and comments. Send it to the following mailing address;

Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

If you want to make sure he got it you can even send the post card as certified mail so you can make sure it’s delivered (at additional cost).

Federal cost

The 13.5 million postcards with a cost of a single stamp ranging from $1.07 per stamp to $0.92 (when purchased in a booklet), is sure to cost a hefty price. That’s without including the cost to print, produce, shipping and other staff resources surrounding them.

Although a spokesperson for Canada Post told CBC News the total cost of the campaign is unknown to her — she said the infrastructure is already in place to deliver them.

Don’t harp at me, it’s only a suggestion — an idea at most. I know these are meant to encourage Canadians to send to their loved ones — but why don’t we turn this on a dime and tell our Prime Minister what we really think.

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