*Twitter Beef* Michelle Rempel, Shadow minister of health blocks physician known to be outspoken against COVID narrative

Michelle Rempel, the Shadow Minister of Health for the Conservative party has blocked the now well-known physician Kulvinder Kaur. This comes on the heels of the Shadow Minister of Health tabling a motion for the liberals to “present a plan for a return to normal.”

This article isn’t about Dr. Kulvinder Kaur, rather It’s about the Michelle Rempel censoring a physician. As the shadow minister of health, one would think it would be prudent to listen to physicians – even the ones you may disagree with. It also seems hypocritical to table a motion that demands the liberals clearly outline a plan for a “return to normal” while at the same time blocking a physician that has advocated for that same return to normal.

Dr. Kulvinder Kaur has been outspoken for quite some time on the COVID-19 narrative, with a CBC article on some of her tweets dating back to August 10th of 2020. Yes, you can’t be outspoken in today’s era without a social media mob following you – especially as a physician with an unpopular opinion on Covid. Dr. Kaur appeared to be quite unimpressed with the shadow minister of health’s decision to block her on Twitter.

She wrote in a tweet:

“There you have it folks. Canada’s shadow minister of health from @CPC_HQ’s self-proclaimed party of freedoms, rights, liberties. For mths, @MichelleRempel has disabled ALL commenting on her tweets & blocks anyone who questions her unscientific, unconstitutional & HARMFUL rhetoric.”

Twitter erupts – Dr. Kaur shares tweet after tweet of disapproval of Rempel’s decision to block her

This user sums it up nicely – “you should be open to dialogue especially from an MD.”

This user also hit the nail on the head. Science and democracy only function properly with debate. So it doesn’t matter if Michelle Rempel doesn’t agree with the doctor – debate is required in a properly functioning democracy.

This user detailed the hypocrisy from the Conservative party. The talked about the party speaking on freedom of speech only to have their minister of health ban a physician on social media.

The irony indeed.

Perhaps its tweets like the one below that have garners the ire of politicians within the Conservative party. Dr. Kaur says there is “no political party advocating for sovereignty and prosperity of everyday Canadians.”

Other users weigh in

Dr. Kaur certainly garners a lot of attention with her political criticisms – perhaps this is the reason for Michelle Rempel blocking the physician?

The Conservative motion for a return to normal

After sticking the finger up into the political winds and discovering that many Canadians don’t like lockdowns – the Conservatives decided to table a motion for the Liberals to detail a plan for a return to normal within 20 days. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Better late than never I suppose.

The motion called on the Trudeau liberals to “present a plan for when COVID-19 restrictions can be safely eased.” It briefly touches on the mental health of Canadians – but in general, it is a collection of feel-good statements meant to bolster the party image.

When all things are considered, It’s probably a bad look to block a physician who is outspoken on COVID-19 only to release a motion shortly after that gives the perception that you too are firmly against lockdowns and the current government approach. Those two things don’t line up and either does the claim to be the party of free speech while slapping bans on physicians whom you may disagree with. What do you think – does this change your perception of the Conservatives?

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