You can’t go to this gym in B.C. if you have been vaccinated

Flow Academy, located in Kelowna B.C., has announced it won’t be accepting new membership applications from anyone who’s received a COVID-19 vaccine until 2023 at the earliest.

The gym offers a wide range of classes like; Brazilian jiu-jitsu, yoga, meditation, kickboxing, as well as others. — But until 2023, or maybe even later, those classes will only be available to non-vaccinated individuals.

Now you’d think this would be the other way around — with the vaccinated people allowed in the gym — but that’s not the case. The whole reason is explained on their website.

“This decision was made after much discussion with other health, wellness and fitness-related facilities across Canada (both public and private), as well as liability insurance companies,” the message reads.”

The statement posted to Flow Academy’s website — Screenshot from a article.

“To put it simply, the unknown health effects of the mRNA vaccines, as well as reported side effects such as viral shedding, seizures and death following the administration of these vaccines, are not covered by our liability.”

The gym will re-evaluate the policy “when clinical trials of this experimental injection are completed in 2023.”

Interior Health has previously issued an order and ticketed the gym back in February for not complying with public health orders.

Screenshot from Interior Health.
The conditions memo for using their facilities at Flow Academy. Photo from the Google business listing by Daniel Harbridge.

On their Google business listing a photo can be found showing their conditions to using their facilities. They give people a choice whether or not if they want to wear a mask or be socially distanced. They do not permit the wearing masks while working out.

“This is a private club that operates on choice, responsibility, and respect. You have the choice and responsibility to regulate your own well-being and that of your children. You have the responsibility to respect the choices of others to regulate their own well-being.”

Further down in the memo it says;

“You may socially distance yourself from others if you choose, but it will not be mandated. Both masks and lack thereof are welcome in this facility. As such, please be aware that you enter at your own risk. Masks may not be used during physical exercise due to the associated health risks.”

According to CastaNet, some community members in Kelowna have written negative reviews about the gym — but they’ve responded with an interesting response.

“Business is anti-vaxx and anti-mask. I would say this place is likely to become a covid hotspot, but I doubt many people will be going to this gym for long,” wrote user Kane Makowski.

They responded saying;

“Hi Kane! (or is it spelled Karen?) Thanks for reaching out!! Business is better than ever thanks to people like you publicly sharing our ethics and morals. You’d be amazed how fast like-minded folks have reached out to join the Flow Family. We couldn’t do it without you! Keep up the great work! Cheers!” the gym said.

Diverge Media has reached out to Flow Academy for further comment via a phone interview.

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