*Watch* Justin Trudeau gives conditions for Canadians to have a “slightly better summer” – Don’t expect lockdown restrictions to end

By: Greg Staley

Do you have hope that as we approach summer with the vaccination rollout ramping up that lockdowns will end? Well, don’t because the Prime Minister of Canada says that if we meet all of his demands in the fight against Covid-19 we can only expect a “slightly better summer.”

On May 11th, 2021, Prime Minister Trudeau held a press conference discussing Ontario transit funding, the Line 5 pipeline and vaccines. In this press conference, the Prime Minister appears to have Freudian slipped and announced what his expectations are for Canadians to be able to have a “slightly better summer.”

The Prime Minister told reporters “I think people are eager to see what a better summer could look like and a summer in which the vast majority of Canadians have received one dose with caseloads down across the country will allow us to gather and have barbeques with friends – we’ll still have to be careful in a lot of different ways but it will be a slightly better summer.”

Prime Minister Trudeau later contradicted himself when he told reporters that “if case numbers are down and if over 75 percent of people get vaccinated we can have a summer that will be much better for everyone.” Perhaps the Prime Minister realized it wasn’t good PR to say slightly better and changed it to “much better” after considering the consequences of his words.

The Prime Minister justified the restrictions that will remain in place throughout the summer by suggesting that “vaccinations alone, one dose alone won’t allow us to have a good summer,” the Prime Minister said “we have to get those case numbers down. We need to crush Covid right across the country and we need to get vaccination rates up over 75 percent of one dose.”

This seems like Trudeau is admitting that there will be no return to freedom in the summer of 2021. If we do all that the government tells us to do and we vaccinate over 75 percent of Canadians and cases stay down despite testing with a PCR test where 56% of people who test positive aren’t sick – you may be able to have a slightly better summer and have a BBQ with the family everyone! Thank goodness my government cares!

Trudeau further elaborated on the idea of proof of vaccination AKA a vaccine passport as well:

When speaking about the importance of vaccination Trudeau told reporters that “we know we’re not going to get through this pandemic until enough people get vaccinated.” The Prime Minister then said, “that’s where the idea of proof of vaccination for different services or better access is something to look at particularly because vaccines are free, they’re paid for by the federal government, uhh there is going to be enough vaccines for everyone in the population.”

The Prime Minster rationalized his continued restrictions throughout the summer by telling reporters that “we’ve seen from waves in the past the problems that happen if restrictions are lifted too early – it just leads to a greater next wave.”

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Photo by Yasmina H on Unsplash

Published by Greg Staley

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