*Opinion* “I’ve Had Two Kids In Lockdowns” Enough With The Ideocracy Open Up

By: Greg Staley

Written On: 2021-06-02

The Ford government has extended their emergency measures until Dec. 1, 2021. This means that parliamentary approval won’t be required as the Ford government makes decisions that affect the lives and livelihoods of millions of Ontarians. It also likely means another lockdown is on the way in the late fall/early winter (if optics allow for it).

This leaves me sick to my stomach. I’ve had two beautiful girls in lockdown and with this announcement I don’t see hope for a return to normal anytime soon.


My daughter Addison was born at home on April 11th, 2020. This is during the early days of panic that came with Covid-19 arriving in Canada. We had been fed propaganda from China showing people collapsing in the street – all blamed on Covid-19. So, naturally we decided to avoid the hospital and perform a homebirth with our midwife.

At this time people were afraid that they could contract Covid-19 from simply ordering takeout food. Shortly after our daughter was born a conscious decision was made. I told my wife, “we can’t be so worried about dying that we don’t live” and we got on with our lives after that.

I began pouring hours of time and effort into researching Covid’s transmissibility and lethality only to discover that the more I knew the less concerned I became about the virus. In my opinion, by the end of April/May we already had enough information to suggest that kids were safe from the virus and that it wasn’t nearly as lethal as it was being made out to be by politicians and media pundits.


Flash forward to May 26th, 2021 where we had a second daughter in lockdown – Naomi. This time we had her at home not due to fear (that has long been gone) but due to the fact that we didn’t want to be put through the various conditions laid out by the hospital. Those conditions being mandatory masking and restrictions on the number of visitors plus potential Covid-19 testing.

How Fear Rules Over Rationality in Society

At this point in the “Pandemic” I am certain of one thing. All it takes for fear to rule over rationality in a society is for an authoritative figure to pound a narrative confidently – no matter how many times they contradict themselves. As Catherine McKenna, former Environmental Minister for Justin Trudeau once said “If you actually say it louder we’ve learned in the house of commons if you repeat it, If you say it louder, if that is your talking point – people will totally believe it!”

“People will totally believe it!”

That is precisely what the governments all across Canada have been doing – repeating lies and hoping that the people will “totally believe it.” It worked for a long time but I think Canadians are finally reaching the end of their rope – at least I hope so.

I really don’t care if people agree with this portion. We are living in the midst of a dystopia. We are watching the entire world open up right now. Yet, here in Canada we are forced to watch the cases fade (seasonality) as we sit inside of our homes waiting for an arbitrary date to open our businesses and resume our lives.

Police State

No one likes it when you throw around the term “police state” because that sounds “conspiratorial”. However, let me frame this differently for you. When in a free and democratic societies history has that “free nations” people waited on their government officials to tell them what they’re “allowed” to do? How can you call this a free nation when the courts haven’t even processed the Charter and Constitutional challenges yet – 16 months into this ordeal.

Each and every week we are listening to our politicians to see if there will be changes to our day to day lives. Can we open our businesses yet? Can we visit Grandma and Grandpa? How many people am I allowed to see at one time? When am I allowed to go places? What is deemed essential right now? What can I buy at the store? Is that item I need deemed essential?

Do any of these questions sound like they belong in a free and democratic society? Personally, I believe the answer is a resounding no! We have allowed our lives to be dictated by politicians who are more concerned about their public image than doing what is right for the people they are supposed to lead. That is why we have mandated masks and lockdowns – because politicians lack the courage to say that they don’t work and that freedom should prevail in a free and democratic society.

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Published by Greg Staley

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