Covid-19 by the numbers Ontario vs Florida, Texas and Nevada

By: Greg Staley

Written On: 2021-06-11

As the province of Ontario begins to allow for a very small proportion of society to open up today, I believe it’s time to revisit the Covid-19 numbers in Florida, Texas and Nevada – all states that are open without restrictions and have been holding live indoor sporting events. Then, we will draw a comparison between the data sets and ask the question – is it still appropriate to be closed here in Canada?

Nevada Covid-19 Numbers and restrictions background

Although restrictions vary by area, Nevada is “wide open” according to travel Nevada. Las Vegas, Nevada has been hosting major sporting events including quite a few different UFC events and most recently announcing that T-Mobile arena would be opening up to 100% capacity for the remainder of the NHL playoffs – although masking will still be required.

Population of the State – 3,080,156 (2019 census)

Total Cases – 327,140

Deaths – 5622

Case Fatality Rate (Infection Fatality Rate will be lower) – 1.71%


Dose Administered – – 2,578,580

1st dose – 1,439,437 million of Nevadan’s have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. Currently 8.53% of Nevadan’s are partially vaccinated.

Fully vaccinated – – 1,176,814 of Nevadan’s have been fully vaccinated. That is 38.21% of the state’s population that has been fully vaccinated. The total of partial and fully vaccinated people in Nevada is 46.74%.

Total percentage of unvaccinated people – The state of Nevada currently has 53.27% of their population that hasn’t been vaccinated against Covid-19 at all.

Texas Covid-19 Numbers and Restrictions Background

Texas lifted all mandates at the beginning of March 2021 and has allowed businesses to open to 100% and without restrictions. Texas Governor Greg Abbott also lifted the statewide mask mandate. Texas has been hosting large live sporting events such as the Texas Rangers who have been selling out full stadiums since the beginning of April when they had over 38,000 people in the stands to watch them play – mask optional too by the way. The Governor was lambasted at the time for the decision. Texas has also banned the use of vaccine passports.

Vaccination numbers were pulled from the Covid-19 Texas dashboard. Covid data was pulled from the Texas Health and Human Services Covid-19 Dashboard.

Population of the State – 29,360,759 (Texas Demographic Centre)

Total Cases (confirmed) – 2,539,068

Deaths – 50,767

Case Fatality Rate (Infection Fatality Rate will be lower) – 2.00%


Doses Administered – – 23,051,204

1st dose – Percentage of the population aged 12+ with at least one dose is 13,150,849 or 54.64%.

Fully vaccinated – 10,788,383 or 44.82% of Texans aged 12+ have been fully vaccinated (2 doses).

Percentage of unvaccinated people – The state of Texas currently has 45.36% of their population over the age of 12 that has not received any doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Florida Covid-19 data and Restrictions Background

Florida has been at the forefront of controversy for their approach to Covid-19. Constantly demonized by media that seems to want them to fail, Florida has been open since the beginning of May when Governor Ron Desantis signed an executive order that suspended all local Covid-19 restrictions. Effectively ending the lockdown and the mask mandates and opening Florida up entirely. They have been hosting live indoor sporting events as well.

Florida’s population data was taken from 2020 Census data. Covid-19 data was taken from the “COVID-19 Weekly Situation Report: State Overview” of Florida (May28th -June 3rd, 2021). Vaccination data was taken from the Covid-19 vaccine summary for data through June 2nd, 2021.

Population of the State – 21,538,187

Total Cases – 2,289,332

Deaths – 36,985

Case Fatality Rate (Infection Fatality Rate will be lower) – 1.61%


Doses Administered – 17,967,048 doses of the vaccine have been administered to Floridians.

1st dose – Currently 2,004,239 of Floridians who have received the vaccine have only received one dose of the vaccine. In total at least 10,460,797 people have been vaccinated for a total of 55% of the Florida population.

Fully vaccinated – 8,393,060 of Floridians have either received a one dose vaccine or received both doses of their Covid vaccine. That means that 38.96% of Floridians have been fully vaccinated.

Percentage/total of unvaccinated people – Currently, 45% of Florida’s population aged 12+ hasn’t received at least one dose of the vaccine.

Ontario Covid-19 Data and Restrictions

Covid data was pulled from the Covid-19 data Ontario website and vaccine data was pulled from Covid-19 Tracker Canada.

Ontario population according to Stats Canada (2020)14,734,014

Total Cases – 538,651

Deaths – 8,935

Case Fatality Rate (Infection Fatality Rate will be lower) – 1.66%


Doses Administered – 10,827,420 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine have been administered to Ontarians. That’s over 63% of all the people in Ontario who have received at least one dose of the vaccine and 71.863% of all eligible Ontarian’s above the age of 12 who have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

1st dose – 9,293,678 Of Ontarians have received their first dose of the vaccine.

Fully vaccinated – 1,533,742 people from Ontario are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, having received both doses. That’s 10.40% of the population of Ontario that is full vaccinated.

Percentage of unvaccinated people – 28.137% of Ontarians are not vaccinated. That is a total of 4,145,709 of Ontarians that have not been vaccinated with any doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Comparison and Conclusion

All the examples provided in this article were provided because they opened up months ago, have been allowing live sporting events and have lower vaccination rates (1st dose) than Ontario does.

Case Fatality Rate Comparison

Florida has been wide open for months now and has less people vaccinated against Covid-19 (1st dose) as a percentage of their population than Ontario does. They also have a lower case fatality rate as you will see below.

Case Fatality Rates – Lowest to Highest

1.) Florida: Case Fatality Rate – 1.61%

2.) Ontario: Case Fatality Rate – 1.66%

3.) Nevada: Case Fatality Rate – 1.71%

4.) Texas: Case Fatality Rate – 2.00%

Vaccine Comparison Percentage of Population Vaccinated (1st dose)

1.) Ontario: 71.863%

2.) Florida: 55%

3.) Texas: 54.64%

4.) Nevada: 46.74%

7 Day Average of Cases

1.) Ontario: (June 11th, 2021) 568

2.) Florida: 5711

3.) Texas: 7936

4.) Nevada: 403

As you can see, Ontario has more 1st dose vaccinations than Florida, Texas or Nevada. We also have a lower 7 day rolling average of Covid-19 cases than Florida and Texas by a long shot. Additionally, Nevada has a much smaller population than Ontario and therefore a much higher percentage of cases as a percentage of their population. Ontario’s hospital systems aren’t overrun as our politicians would like you to believe. Below is some data from Ontario’s Acute Care Surge Monitor that keeps track of over 90% of Ontario’s hospitals and their admissions.

*Map Legend*

Green = less than 50% of surge capacity

Yellow = 50-70% of surge capacity

Red = 90% of surge capacity or greater

Map of Ontario’s Hospitals
Surge Capacity last hour
Ontario Acute Care Surge Monitor

There is no justification to be closed anymore here in Ontario. We can look south and see that it can be done and done so safely. We have a higher 1st first dose vaccination rate than Texas, Florida or Nevada who are holding live, indoor sporting events and are completely open – yet we are told it is too dangerous to do here. Our politicians are playing politics with public health and it needs to stop.

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