1 in 1000 dead from Covid Vaccine Ok with Dr. Mitch Shulman?

By: Greg Staley

Written On: 2021-06-22

In a radio segment meant to demystify any misconceptions about the Covid vaccines, NewsTalk 1010s Jerry Agar asked the shows guest Dr. Mitch Shulman if we knew that 1 in 1000 would die from a Covid vaccine but that it would “save 999 of them” would he still do it? The doctors answer was anything but reassuring to the discerning listener. The radio interview can be heard here.

Jerry Agar to Dr. Mitch Shulman: “Some people can’t deal with this kind of question but maybe as a medical professional you’ve thought about this sort of thing. What if we had a situation where we could give the vaccine to 1000 people and we knew it would save 999 of them but we knew for a fact statistically Dr. Mitch it’s gonna kill one of them – would you do it?”

Dr. Mitch Shulman replied “Well that the typical public health situation isn’t it? and isn’t that sort of what we did with the AstraZeneca vaccine huh? We had a situation where the disease was running rampant, we needed to protect as many people as quickly as we could, we knew there was a calculatable risk with this vaccine and we figured that the benefit to most people was greater than the risk.”

It was this response that left listeners shocked. The doctor didn’t outright say yes he was ok with that figure but did nothing to indicate that he wasn’t ok with that figure. Did the doctor just admit to knowing AstraZeneca had adverse risks that could lead to death? Does his non-answer indicate that he’s ok with up to 1 in 1000 dying as a result? We have reached out to IHeart radio to ask about the radio segment.

Dr. Jean Marc Benoit also commented on the interview, asking the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) if this was the official position of the CPSO on acceptable risk from the vaccine.

Although Dr. Shulman said that he would “make certain people knew exactly what the odds are” of an adverse reaction if he were in charge and “leave it up to them to do what they thought is right” he appears to think the risk of 1 in 1000 dying from a disease with an Infection fatality rate of 0.15% is ok.

1 in 1000 vaccine deaths in real terms – Ontario

To truly indicate to you how thoughtless these comments were by the doctor, here is a breakdown of how many people would have died in Ontario alone based on a death rate of 1 in 1000.

Number of vaccinations in Ontario to date: 9,723,938 people

1 in 1000 as a percentage: 0.1%

Calculation: 0.1 % of 9,723,938 people is 9723. This means that if the doctor thinks that 1 in 1000 dying from the Covid vaccine was an acceptable risk, then he is by default ok with the idea of 9723 Ontarians passing away from the Covid vaccination. The justification in his mind is that the disease is so scary that it is justified so long as people know the risks.

Number of Vaccinations in Canada to date: 25,240,989 people

Calculation: 0.1% of 25,240,989 is 25240.989 = 25,000 plus Canadians that would have died at a 0.1% death rate from adverse reaction of the vaccine (1 in 1000).

This is insanity. Most people under the age of 65 are not at any real risk of death from this virus. To imply that we knew there were adverse risks from the AstraZeneca vaccine but that “we figured that the benefit to most people was greater than the risk” is a cop-out of an answer. If 1 in 1000 dying from the Covid vaccine is the tolerable threshold for you than 25000 + dead Canadians isn’t an issue to you – let that sink in.

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