JCCF: “Covid tickets continue to be dropped by Crown”

Above feature photo from the JCCF news release.

By: Broderick Visser
Written on: 2021-06-23

ALBERTA & SASKATCHEWAN — The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) has announced that four more Public Health Act tickets issued to western Canadians “for the exercise of their Charter rights have been dropped by Crown prosecutors,” reads the news release from JCCF.

JCCF has been representing hundreds of individuals across Canada “who have, among other things, been ticketed for allegedly breaching public health orders by:

  • Participating in peaceful protests
  • “Uncovering their faces when doing so is outlawed.”
  • Attending church.
  • Providing services during lockdowns.
  • Having friends and family over at their homes.
  • Exercising their charter right to enter and leave Canada.
  • and “refusing to post government propaganda Covid signage.”

Lucas Ignjatic — from Calgary

Image from the JCCF release.

Ignjatic went to the Calgary courthouse on March 5, 2021, to file legal documents in a family law matter, which would have allowed him to request more time with his daughter.

“He did not wear a mask or face covering. After waiting in line for 30 minutes to assist him, two courthouse sheriffs removed him from the line,” reads the news release.”

He told the sheriffs that he had a mask exemption — but the sheriffs still ticketed him for $1200 for failing to comply with an Order of the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

“I felt completely trampled on, the court would have served me, but the sheriff was making a point to shove in my face. I was trying to extend my time with my daughter, and left feeling like some kind of criminal.”

Calgary Resident, Lucas Ignjatic

“The Justice Centre appeared in court on Monday, June 14 on a number of Public Health Act tickets. At that time, the ticket against Mr. Ignjatic was dropped, as was another ticket issued to an individual being defended by the Justice Centre.”

Tom Lipp — Fairview Baptist Church, Calgary

Image from the JCCF release.

Lipp was ticketed in connection with his attendance at Fairview Baptist Church on January 10, 2021.

“On that Sunday, at least six law enforcement officers and two AHS officials came to the church during the worship service and were denied entry.”

Lipp was issued a $1200 ticket and says he was “not exactly sure why.”

He said in the JCCF release that he suspects AHS identified him as someone in a leadership position at the church. This ticket was also dropped.

Tracy Fortin — from Edmonton

Image from the JCCF release.

Fortin is one of the pastors at Church in the Vine in Edmonton. She was issued a Summons on April 11, 2021, for obstruction under the Public Health Act.

“The Summons was issued because Pastor Fortin allegedly denied entry to an AHS official who wanted to enter the Church during a Sunday morning worship service,” reads the JCCF release.

“For months, Pastor Fortin has asserted the Charter rights of her congregants to assemble to worship by stationing herself at the door of Church in the Vine to prevent AHS and Edmonton Police, who have repeatedly demanded entry during Sunday morning worship services, from entering the Church and disrupting worship contrary to section 176 of the Criminal Code of Canada.”

R.B. Wintringham — from Saskatchewan

Image from the JCCF release.

Wintringham is also known as R.B. Ham and is a “popular freedom fighter.” He is being represented by the JCCF on eight tickets — with the majority being issued to him during freedom rallies.

Ham also received a ticket last November in Saskatchewan, for allegedly failing to wear a mask.

“The Justice Centre contacted the Court in Saskatoon to advise Mr. Wintringham would be contesting his ticket, only to be told the ticket was being dropped. It was apparently lost. The Court date had passed, and the ticket was never entered into the system,” reads the JCCF release.

“Public health officials and their orders are not the supreme law of the land – the Constitution is,” says lawyer Jay Cameron, Litigation Director for the Justice Centre in the release.

“A significant portion of the arbitrary, confusing, and oppressive Covid public health orders violate Charter rights and cannot be justified. As a result, many of the tickets issued for the supposed violation of such orders are being dropped by prosecutors.”

Jay Cameron, Litigation Director for the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

“Although we are pleased to see yet more Covid-related tickets dropped because they are in violation of people’s fundamental rights, it is alarming to see the issuance of tickets so plainly used as an intimidation tactic.”

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