Poilievre: “We did it!” Bill C-10 fails to pass senate before they closed doors for summer

By: Broderick Visser
Written on 2021-07-03

On July 3, 2021, Pierre Poilievre announced in a social media video that Bill C-10 has not yet been passed before the Canadian Senate closed its doors for the summer.

According to parl.ca, The legislation for Bill C-10 is still sitting at “Consideration in Committee,” meaning it hasn’t received its committee report or third reading.

“We did it! We won a battle for freedom of expression. Remember Bill C-10 — the censorship bill that would allow governments to control what you see and say online? Well, the senate closed its doors for the summer without passing that bill.”

Pierre Poilevre, Conservative MP for Carleton.

“In other words, it is not the law today and if Trudeau calls that early election he’s been warning about — then the bill will die. Even if he wins that election, he’d have to reintroduce that bill from the very first stage and start all over again. And if he loses and Conservatives take office — we’ll make sure this bill never again sees the light of day,” said Poilievre in a video.

Poilievre says in the video that we as Canadians should take time to reflect on “how important this victory is for all of us.”

“First this bill would have allowed the Liberal Appointed CRTC to control what you see and say online. Even one former CRTC commissioner said that the bill would ‘be like a hammer to intimidate freedom of expression.'”

Poilievre then mentions that Canadians “fought back” and had their voices heard. By emailing their MP’s or senators, signing petitions and speaking out Canadians simply said;

“No, and hell no — we are going to fight back now and forever to defend our freedom to see and say what we want.”

Pierre Poilevre, Conservative MP for Carleton.

The second lesson he wants Canadians to learn is that “there are many people in our parliament who are fighting back on your behalf.”

“Conservatives used every single procedural tool in our tool kit to delay and block this terrible bill from advancing. We stopped it from being rammed through the House of Commons, probably delaying for about three or four crucial weeks, that ran the clock and prevented the Senate — even though it has a Trudeau majority — from passing it,” said Poilievre.

He then goes on in the video to praise members of the Senate like Leo Housakos, Linda Frum and David Richards “who said the bill does not need to be amended — it needs a stake through its heart.”

“It is only the beginning of our fight”

“They [senators] and others stood up and fought back and blocked the Liberal Majority and Upper Chamber from passing the bill before the senate closed its doors for the summer. And now, with the probability of an election, there is a likelihood that this bill will never become law,” said Poilievre.

“That said — it is only the beginning of our fight. While your efforts to sign petitions, contact politicians and raise your voice worked this time — you’ll need to do it again. There’s no doubt that the authoritarian left, the Liberal media and Justin Trudeau’s small group of power-hungry Liberals will once again attempt to take away your freedom to express yourself online and in other ways.”

He said that Canadians should not let their guards down, continue to speak up for freedom of speech and sign petitions. He wants Canadians to celebrate this victory.

“Let’s take a moment to celebrate. We can have victories — if we stand on principle and do the right thing — we can win. Not just this battle for freedom of expression, but win forever. Because we inherited these freedoms from our ancestors and we must — it is our duty to pass them down to our children and our grandchildren so that they may enjoy the same free country that we’ve lived in and enjoyed for our lives. Thank you very much and congratulations — you did this.”

Pierre Poilevre, Conservative MP for Carleton.

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