Jordan Tecson – Cambridge No Frills manager set to make MMA debut in the Montreal Fight League

By: Greg Staley

Written On: 2021-07-22

Jordan Tecson is a 23-year-old Winnipeg-born and Cambridge, Ontario-raised fighter who fights out of the MAS Academy of Martial Arts in Cambridge Ontario. On Saturday, July 24th, Jordan Tecson will be making his MMA debut in the Montreal Fight League against Martin Aronson at 135 lbs. Martin Aronson is fighting out of Tristar in Montreal, Quebec.

Who is Jordan Tecson?

Jordan Tecson began wrestling in high school and credits the discipline in giving him a base, to begin with in mixed martial arts. “I’ve been wrestling through high school,” Jordan Tecson told Diverge Media, “even though I wasn’t really good at wrestling, I wasn’t the best wrestler – I used this martial art to have a ground in MMA.”

We asked Jordan when he made the transition from wrestling in high school to striking. He told Diverge Media that he always wanted to do this – to fight “ever since I was 12 years old”. Jordan told Diverge that “due to unfortunate circumstances” his training would have to wait until he was a bit older. Jordan began working at a No Frills grocery store in Cambridge, Ontario in grade 11 at the age of 17. Since then, Jordan has put in 7 years of hard work with the grocery store and has moved his way up the ladder – all the way to store manager.

Jordan told Diverge Media that when he graduated high school that’s when he began making the transition into striking. “Ever since I got my first job and graduated high school that’s when I started to transition into working full-time and training as much as I can to be where I am now.” Asked if his goal is to be able to fight professionally in a full-time capacity Jordan Tecson simply responded “yes, that’s my goal.”

We asked Jordan what fans needed to know about him and what they should expect when they tuned in this Saturday, July 24th to the Montreal Fight League to watch his fight. Jordan Told Diverge Media that “They’ll know that this is something I’ve been working hard for – for a long time. Not just a 5-week training camp – it’s been a lifetime training camp.” Jordan finished by saying that he was “going to go in there and show who’s the best.”

“This is something I’ve been working hard for – for a long time. Not just a 5-week training camp – it’s been a lifetime training camp.”

Jordan Tecson ahead of his mma debut

Jordan Tecson is excited to show fans his talent. He told Diverge Media that he knows he has a strong wrestling game but also added that he has a “developing striking game and Jiu-Jitsu game” and said that he wants to “showcase that wherever this fight goes.”

To those that know Jordan (myself included), they know that he is the epitome of the humble workhorse. He isn’t braggadocios and won’t elevate himself above others with his words – he has always let his work ethic separate him from the pack. On Saturday, July 24th fans can purchase the Montreal Fight Leagues $35 CAD PPV that will be showcasing Jordan Tecson’s MMA debut. The Montreal Fight Leagues MFL 19 will also showcase a grand total of 33 fights – two of which are title bouts.

Make sure to buy the PPV and support a local hardworking grocery store manager as he begins the process of chasing down his dream.

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