“Unplug from the narrative and just run your beautiful small businesses” says this small business owner

By: Greg Staley

Written On: 2021-09-07

Jen Hewson is the owner of Take Back Your Health – an alternative and holistic health business in Springfield Ontario. She says that it’s time to “unplug from the narrative and just run your beautiful small businesses.”

In her past life, Mrs. Hewson was an English school teacher. She obtained her Bachelors of Education from Brock University and obtained an Honours degree in Policy and Action from York University. Jen is currently working on obtaining a Ph.D. in Natural Medicine at Quantum University. She has now chosen to focus on helping people to facilitate healing in those who are living with pain and disease through her holistic health business – Take Back Your Health.

When all of this first began, lockdowns and restrictions and the financial burden that comes with them were heavy on people’s minds – Jen was no exception. Jen Hewson told Diverge Media how she had reached out to her local MP and MPP for help but said that she “really didn’t get any help.”

“I reached out obviously to my member of parliament, MP and MPP and in this area, Elgin-Middlesex-London they both happen to be Conservative members at the moment and I really didn’t get any help (chuckles). They are like oh that’s just really unfortunate – it was just like this series of loopholes of – no you don’t apply and you can’t get it and you know I’m seeing businesses, all these businesses get sort of relief because they weren’t allowed to open.”

Mrs. Hewson told Diverge Media she did not think the grants were “fairly done.” “I think it was not fairly done in how they evaluate the applications and also there’s so many of thousands or tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people that applied to get help with people like me that weren’t approved and you want to know why and you don’t get it, you sent your banking, It was next to impossible to get a timely reply to figure it out to talk to a human.”

After not receiving any grants from the government Jen decided to close her brick and mortar business location and relocate her business into her home. It wasn’t easy but overall, she is happy at how things have turned out so far.

“I just think that businesses that are afraid of challenging the establishment and opening their doors because we are independent sovereign business owners that are privately owned. I’m not tied to government grants to funding – I’m not tied to any of that and I think that the more people get out of the fear of what are they going to do and am I going to have to close and they just operate outside of that narrative they will have great success.”

While speaking about her business with Diverge Media, the topic of vaccine passports came up. Jen said that it shouldn’t matter where you stand on the topic of vaccines – she could care less.

“No matter where you stand on vaccines I don’t care. I love my vaccinated friends I love my unvaccinated friends I could care less. I choose not to be – I deserve that choice and I’m certainly not going to please who comes through my door. That’s the part that I just, I don’t even get how Ford or any other Premier or anyone can think they’re going to put it on private enterprise to now be the police at the door and put their lives at risk – I mean you could have anyone come to your door.”

She said that it could be “anyone having a bad day – they snap and now suddenly you’re in harm’s way?” Jen said that it isn’t right to put this responsibility of enforcement on ma and pop businesses.

“Putting the vaccine debate aside, this cannot be policed by ma and pop shops. It’s ludicrous to even think it. At first, I was like oh this awful and again I was feeding the fear and now I’m just like – well you just don’t do it. They don’t have people to back them up. They don’t have thousands of people to come and check in on your business and watch who’s coming in the door – I mean that’s kinda getting toward a more paranoid view of the world – like we’re always being watched. You can make any regulation you want but who’s going to enforce it?” She referenced the Toronto Police services refusing to pull people over as an example earlier in the year.

Jen added that if “they (government) think it’s gonna work here I mean they’re not too smart.”

The owner of Take Back Your Health told Diverge that turning people away based on their vaccine status is not just wrong but it’s also not good business practice.

“Stepping outside of the whole narrative and operating in your good conscience in how you will always run your business is to accept all and any people. I mean at the heart of it it’s just being a good human and secondly, it’s just good business practice. You’re not going to turn away someone who has money to give you right?”

Unplug from the narrative

As a former elementary teacher herself, Jen has contact with former colleagues that have begun leaving their profession of educating due to the government’s restrictions and mandates aimed at dealing with COVID-19.

“I know dozens of teachers that already leaving. They’re setting up their own pods they’ll be autonomous private education in their backyard with 10 kids. This is how we’re going to end the broken systems. Slowly these economic chains that have chained us and tied us to all these systems that are broken be it the healthcare system, the economy, the pharmaceutical all of it – they’re crumbling.”

Mrs. Hewson told Diverge the reason that we’re getting these intrusive measures in our society isn’t to protect our health but instead to control the population. “It’s sort of their last-ditch effort to say we’re going to control the whole population. Well, we’re smarter than that – a lot of us are!”

Jen added that “the more we try to fight that narrative the more we’re kind of adding fuel to that narrative.” That’s why she believes it is time to unplug from the narrative.

“Unplug from the narrative and just run your beautiful small businesses because I do believe that’ll get the public from the Amazon to your door bs and back to people dealing with people that they know and want to do business with.

The owner of Take Back Your Health doesn’t think it’s going to be an easy process but believes that we are going to witness a significant change in our lifetime.

“I just see that all of these broken systems this is the beginning of the crumbling and we’re just going to live through the painful parts. We’re here to witness a changing of our times. It’s gonna take 10,15,20 years of pain, of really hard times but that’s where I fall on it – just keep doing what you’re doing.”

What is Jen’s advice to other business owners worried about these restrictions and vaccine passports? It’s very simple – don’t close the doors.

“Don’t close your doors, don’t worry about the vax passports – people are gonna want to come see you because you’re welcoming and the people that are wondering if you let people in without them your probably not going to want to have them as customers anyway. If they’re not comfortable then they won’t come.”

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