Trudeau’s Covid narrative is crumbling

By: Greg Staley

Written On: 2022-02-08

The Freedom Convoy in Ottawa is calling for an end to all Covid mandates and restrictions in Canada and that has resonated with people not only in Canada but from all around the world. Trudeau has had to deal with a lot of noise (both figuratively and literally) caused by the convoy in Ottawa these past few weeks – that being from the incessant honking from the truckers camped near the Parliament building.

However, until recently he hadn’t had to deal with any noise from within his own party. Insert the member of Parliament from Louis-Hébert, Quebec.

Joel Lightbound, the Liberal MP for Louis-Hébert, Quebec broke ranks with Trudeau’s Liberal party when he spoke out against the different issues he sees around the handling of Covid within the country. Mr. Lightbound noted that Canada has one of the highest vaccinations rates in the world and that we should be proud of that but instead we are “more divided than ever.”

Mr. Lightbound told reporters that he had “heard from 100’s of constituents and citizens” these past weeks. “Folks who have nothing to do with these demonstrations, who are for the most part vaccinated, who have done everything they should these past few years”

Lightbound went on to say that he had heard from parents whose children had sunken into depression, from pediatricians in tears when discussing their young patients “despair, anxiety” and “isolation” and many others. Mr. Lightbound also said that he had heard about the “stunning” increase in school dropouts.

Lightbound told reporters that he had heard from social workers who were “overwhelmed” with the amount of calls they were receiving to the suicide hotline.

Mr. Lightbound didn’t stop his gripes with the Trudeau governments handling of Covid there though. He told the press that he had “heard from fellow Quebecer’s who are rightfully appalled” that “we are locking up triple vaxxed seniors for days on end.”

Mr. Lightbound then criticized Quebec’s isolation policy for children, telling reporters that he had heard from Quebecers who were “appalled” at the policy.

“We have locked up kids aged 6-10 years old for up to 10 days in windowless rooms. Kids who tested negative, who had no symptoms, who had been in contact with someone though who had the virus.” The Liberal MP then added an emphatic “let that sink in” after he had finished the statement.

Mr. Lightbound said that he had “heard from people worried” that we seem to have forgotten that a populations health is kind of like a pie and “Omicron is but a slice of that pie. Economic health, social health and mental health must be accounted for.”

You can watch Mr. Lightbound’s full critique of the Trudeau mandates and restrictions below.

This is quite a blow to Trudeau amid a tense time for his government. As he tries to change the narrative surrounding the well-supported freedom convoy that has been occupying Ottawa these past few weeks – he now has to contend with criticisms from within his party.

I mean it’s bad enough that potential future leader of the Conservative Party, Pierre Poilievre is roasting you for your cherry-picking of a few bad actors amid the convoy attendees but now you have to deal with a very pointed, articulate beat down of your actions from a Liberal MP that served on two committees – ouch.

It’s no wonder Canadians are divided when we consider that the leader of this country is more than content to divide the nation for his political gain. I mean we are talking about a guy that called those that are unvaccinated against Covid racists and misogynists. Talk about uniting the nation like a true leader Justin!

The potential future leader of the Conservative Party, Pierre Poilievre has taken the opportunity to seize the political moment presented by the Freedom Convoy to lay into the Prime Minister and his government – bringing up his past blackface scandals.

Pierre said in the House of Commons that “Just because the Prime Minister dressed up in racist costumes so many times he can’t remember them all doesn’t mean every single liberal is racist. Just because the Prime Minister tried to help a corporation avoid prosecution after it stole from some of Africa’s poorest people doesn’t mean all Liberals are racist.”

Mr. Poilievre continued, “Just because about a half dozen Liberal MPs who are racial minorities have complained about his treatment of them doesn’t mean that all Liberal’s are racist – that is guilt by association.”

Mr. Poilievre also took the time to note that when observing the Convoy at an overpass he saw “cheerful, patriotic, optimistic Canadians who want their freedom back and want their livelihoods back and they’re standing up for their fellow Canadians.”

One thing is for certain, Joel Lightbound just hurt the Trudeau government and having one of your own deliver the blow to your government hurts just a little bit more. Trudeau should be able to relax at a time when the government opposition searches for a leader but instead he is at a moment that could break his government.

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Published by Greg Staley

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