The Prestidigitation of Justin Trudeau’s Government

By: Gilly Davis Diverge Media contributor

Written On: 2022-03-07

         Some refer to him as “Teflon Trudeau” because nothing seems to stick.  What is really impressive about the magic of Justin Trudeau, is his ability to make criticisms disappear and opposition impotent. 

Few will remember, as a rookie MP, Justin Trudeau took heat because of charging schools and other publicly funded organizations egregious speaking fees.  Trudeau looked like an opportunist and yet the press barely covered his “untoward” behaviour.

Article: As an MP, Trudeau pocketed thousands in speaking fees

Do you remember his first ethics violation – taking fully paid family vacations at the Aga Khan’s private island.  The same Aga Khan who was actively lobbying the government for funds.  Although it made a splash across the news cycle early in Trudeau’s Premiership, it quickly faded as the Canadian version of “Camelot fever” took hold.  The mainstream media focused on the excuse that the Aga Khan was a close family friend.  Never mind they had no personal interactions other than Justin’s fathers funeral in nearly thirty years.  The fact that the Aga Khan was actively lobbying the Trudeau government was barely mentioned.

Link: Aga Khan affair

The SNC Lavalin scandal was a brilliant act of deflection.  Trudeau barely responded, his party and the media did that for him.  As they demonized the first female and aboriginal Justice Minister in Canadian history, Justin Trudeau said the accusations were wrong.  Jody Wilson-Raybould, whether you agree with her politics or not, acted honorably in both her words and deeds, standing up for Canadians and the rule of law.  Every insult was thrown at her as she was summarily kicked out of the party, taking the equally upstanding Jane Philpot with her.  All this, so that Justin Trudeau could push mediation instead of criminal charges against a high profile Quebec business.  However, this entire scandal quickly disappeared as an election was called.

Article: Trudeau government facing calls for investigation into allegations former justice minister was pressed to drop SNC-Lavalin charges

Another of Trudeau’s greatest tricks — the WE charity scandal.  Instead of being held to account for nearly half a billion dollars being funneled out of government coffers, all he had to do is dissolve parliament.  The WE scandal disappeared in a puff of smoke.  The same tactic was used to make the demand for the government to release the documents regarding the Winnipeg Lab breach.  Trudeau was actually going to take the Speaker of the House (A Liberal MP) to court over it.  When he realized he had painted himself into yet another corner…election time!

The greatest magic show on earth

Ethics violations, blackface, the WE scandal, bullying female liberal MPs, all of these and so much more are quickly brushed under the rug in the Justin Trudeau magic show!  His personal disappearing act over the last two years, “isolating” in his cottage and being moved to an “undisclosed location” due to “security concerns” during the trucker’s protest, are mind boggling.  While other world leaders continued working and have faced greater risk to personal health and safety, Justin Trudeau evaporates into thin air!

So it should come as no surprise that once again we’re watching the mysterious magic of Justin Trudeau – the greatest show on earth!

 A truckers convoy united disparate members of Canadian society in speaking out against government mandates which harmed all of them!  This should have been seen as an opportunity to unite the country, address fears, find new ways to compromise, and heaven forbid, find consensus.  Unfortunately, what the Convoy did was say no to Justin Trudeau, and as we’ve seen with Jody Wilson-Raybould, if you say no to Justin Trudeau expect consequences.

In this case the Emergency Measures Act was invoked and used liberally for several days. It served a couple of purposes; first it shut down much of the protest in Ottawa, and second, because he tied the vote to a confidence motion, he shut down House and party opposition to his oppressive ways.  Through his actions, a Metis Grandmother, Tamara Lich, one of the organizers of the Convoy, remains victimized as she has continued to be denied bail on a charge of “conspiring to mischief”.  This is outlandish considering that violent criminals have been released on bail within days.  Parliamentarians, including NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, chose their jobs over the best interest of those they are meant to represent. 

Justin Trudeau demonized citizens and shut down his opposition in one fell swoop. The only opposition he has right now is not the conservative party of Canada, try as they might,  but the people who continue to rise up against him. The people with little left to lose.

Certainly, over the past two years the validity and strength of “our” Charter of Rights and Freedoms and even our constitution have been brought into question.  Too much has been too easy to ignore in the face of a crisis.

COVID-19 has shown us the weakness in our society, in our laws, and in our parliamentary system. It has also shown us the ugly magic of the man with the nice hair and fancy socks.  The mask has fallen off completely for many.

And now for his latest act, the real magic of Justin Trudeau.  All of the problems he has created over his tenure as Prime Minister, all the horrible things he has done and said about Canadian citizens of all stripes, have magically disappeared into a vacuum as we move into the Ukraine/Russia crisis. He has, with a straight face, accused Putin of the very things he was guilty of doing just a week before, and the media stands silent on his hypocrisy, any opposition ignored.  Covid mandates are quickly and quietly being revoked.  When the dust settles on the international strife, will anyone remember what was there before?  Or will it have disappeared into the memory hole as well?

Published by Greg Staley

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