More gun-control laws coming into effect for Canadians – Despite Liberals failed gun safety record

By: Greg Staley

Written on: 2022-05-11

Federal public safety minister Marco Mendicino announced stricter measures today around gun control for Canadians and Canadian business owners. Perhaps unsurprisingly, representatives from gun control advocacy groups were present from the Danforth families for Safe Communities group and the Coalition for Gun Control among others.

Sine of the changes include the following:

  • Individuals and businesses will be required to obtain a reference number from the Registrar of Firearms confirming the validity of the transferee’s (buyer’s) firearms licence before transferring a non-restricted firearm.
  • Firearms businesses will also be required to retain sales and inventory records related to non-restricted firearms for a minimum of 20 years.
  • Background checks for a firearms licence have now been expanded to include review of an applicant’s entire life history, rather than just the previous five years. So, If my understanding is correct, if you’ve ever made a mistake, been on anti-depressant medication in the past etc – you could be denied your firearms license upon review for mistakes you made decades ago.

The RCMP wanted to stress that “This is not the return of the Long-Gun Registry. The records created by businesses will be held by businesses — not government — and the police will require judicial authorization to access them.”

It shouldn’t be surprising to Canadians that the Liberal Party has continued to double down on their failed gun-control measures. Especially when you consider that they brought representatives from what I would deem gun-control extremist groups to be present for the announcement. Even Canada’s often docile journalists were getting in on the action – pressing the Minister of Federal Safety on their record of gun control.

You can see that exchange below:

The Coalition for Gun Control group for instance, has a whole page of myths and facts that attack law-abiding gun owners while offering up zero – I repeat zero links to any supporting evidence. You would think if you were making statements like “there are higher rates of gun death and injury in rural areas because of the higher rates of gun ownership” the least you would do in support of your argument is offer a link to an article, a study or perhaps even better – an official government report?

Never let logic get in the way of a good emotional argument though right? Especially when the argument allows you to frame your opponent as some sort of monster if they don’t hold your perspective of the issue.

Without a hint of irony, this group dared to state that “The debate on gun control in Canada suffers from the spread of misinformation and untruths, many of which sound credible on the surface, but don’t hold up under further scrutiny.” They then add “Don’t be fooled by the sound bites, get the real facts below.” All of these facts however link back to nothing credible other than the writers’ opinion – how ironic.

If the Liberal Party is actively listening to groups openly calling for bans on handguns across all of Canada without providing any supporting evidence for their claims -it should be of no surprise that the Liberals would bring forth laws that follow the same rhetoric and logic, or lack thereof.

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Published by Greg Staley

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