Staley: Trudeau puts politics with terrorist supporting state over justice

To put it bluntly, it would appear that the Prime Minister has put his political desire to re-establish relations with the terrorist supporting state of Iran ahead of his desire to pursue justice and accountability for these grieving Canadians.

By: Greg Staley

Written On: 2022-09-12

On January 8th, 2020 a plane carrying 55 Canadian citizens and 30 permanent residents was shot down by two Iranian missiles. Iran killed all 176 people on board – 138 in total with ties to Canada. The Prime Minister ignored evidence that Iran had intentionally shot down the plane but he made sure to get selfies with some of the victim’s family members after the atrocious crime had been committed – promising them that he “would not rest until there is justice and accountability.”

I can’t imagine the thoughts that would go through an individual’s mind as he takes a photo with a man suffering an agony few could or will ever understand. Mr. Moghaddam not only lost the love of his life Shakiba on the flight but also his 9-year-old son Rosstin Moghaddam. What was the Prime Minister thinking when he threw his arms around Shahin Moghaddam just three days after the shootdown of passenger flight PS752 to get his beloved selfie? Ultimately, that photo will testify against Trudeau as the truth emerges about the kind of man he really is.

At the time, in the short days after the atrocity, Mr. Moghaddam sang the Prime Ministers’ praises – who wouldn’t in a moment like that? The Prime Minister had shown up in a time of need and appeared to sympathize with a man grieving an unimaginable loss – in that moment, the Prime Minister’s actions looked commendable. Looks can be deceiving however and with this Prime Minister, they often are.

Roughly one year after Mr. Moghaddam met Mr. Trudeau, he gave evidence to the RCMP (Dec. 2, 2020) of a phone call from what is believed to be a senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps member. In that phone call, the IRGC source told Mr. Moghaddam that the shootdown of flight PS752 was intentional. In a chilling statement made by the IRGC source, “the unlucky lottery” had “fallen on this passenger plane” – referring to PS752. The source added that the large number of Iranian passengers on the plane created “the illusion for them that they will eventually confuse the issue with a technical error.”

One would think that our Prime Minister would make good on his promise to get justice and accountability. You would think that based on the compassionate front he put on with the victims of this horrendous crime he would ensure that this evidence was followed up on by the RCMP. Justin Trudeau did no such thing, instead, he ignored the evidence altogether when he parroted the findings of the Yaworski report – a report that was released 7 months after the evidence was handed to the RCMP. In that report, it says that the “Forensic Team found no evidence that the downing of Flight PS752 was premeditated.”

It’s no secret that Justin Trudeau was upset at Harper’s closing of the Iranian embassy and that he has wanted to normalize relations with Iran for quite some time. It appears that Prime Minister Trudeau is putting it all on the line to keep that a possibility. Trudeau is ignoring evidence that the downing of a passenger flight carrying 55 Canadian citizens was pre-meditated – is it to keep the possibility of re-establishing relations with Iran alive?

A conversation with a former RCMP member comes to mind at this time. He asked me what I thought the odds were that the IRGC wouldn’t be listed as a terrorist entity if Canada’s RCMP opened their own investigation into the downing of flight PS752 (they haven’t to date). We know that two missiles were fired at the civilian flight for sure and that the IRGC was responsible for their firing – so I don’t think it’s likely that the IRGC wouldn’t be listed as a terrorist entity after that investigation.

I think it would likely halt all ongoing embassy relation talks altogether. So if one wanted to keep the possibility alive of re-establishing embassy relations with Iran they may want to avoid the investigation of that country by their own police force. That is precisely what has happened in Canada. The RCMP has sloughed this off onto the war-torn country of Ukraine – a country that is not in a position to handle an investigation of this magnitude at this time.

Article: Flight PS752 Continues to Raise Questions about Trudeau and RCMP

In fact, in communications with Diverge Media, RCMP media relations said that they “continue to have confidence” in the efforts of Ukraine despite the war and other issues (see images below) that would make a proper investigation possible.

To put it bluntly, it would appear that the Prime Minister has put his political desire to re-establish relations with the terrorist-supporting state of Iran ahead of his desire to pursue justice and accountability for these grieving Canadians. Why would Trudeau ignore evidence that a civilian flight containing 55 Canadian citizens was shot down intentionally and act as though it didn’t exist if he actually cared about justice for these victims? The answer is he wouldn’t.

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Published by Greg Staley

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