Canadian government defends interchanging vaccines after warning from WHO

By: Broderick VisserWritten: 2021-07-13 Canada is doubling down on their decision to mix COVID-19 vaccine doses after the World Health Organization (WHO) called it a “dangerous trend” this week. Canada is among a handful of countries who is allowing people to get a different type of vaccine for their second dose if their first doseContinue reading “Canadian government defends interchanging vaccines after warning from WHO”

German physician calls COVID-19 hype and an “alleged” epidemic – formerly ran his own hospital with flu diseases monitoring system

Here’s what the German physician said “I would like to tell you something about the coronavirus epidemic that we are allegedly having right now. First, I thought this hype is going to end again, but it has increased so much and we finally have to start taking a closer look.”

VIDEO: “You’re being played” Former Minnesota senator, Doctor Scott Jensen goes off on COVID narrative:

A recent video from former Minnesota senator and Doctor, Scott Jensen shows him talking about changes from the World Health Organization (WHO) and CDC on inauguration day regarding PCR false positives.

“You are being played. Do you understand what is happening? You are absolutely being played,” said Jensen

Up to 10% of world has been infected with COVID-19 – What does that mean for fatality rate?

Our death rate when we calculate for 10% of the Canadian population being infected means that roughly 3.8 million Canadians have been infected with COVID-19 and 20,909 have died with COVID-19.

This would make our infection fatality rate closer to 0.55% (20,909 divided by 3.8 million x 100) within Canada. With over 70% of those deaths coming from Long-term care and retirement homes, it makes almost no sense why we are doing this to our nation.