Derek Sloan confident he can win the Conservative leadership

In somewhat of an ‘ask me anything question period’, Derek Sloan welcomed in various supporters by name as they flooded onto his Facebook live stream to ask him challenging questions effecting Canadians directly. He didn’t shy away from the many hard hitting questions he was asked.

On veteran affairs Sloan said:

“I haven’t met a single veteran that is happy with veteran affairs and I think we need to do a complete overhaul and give veterans a veterans comity, an oversight position to see what can be done to change veteran affairs and then we need to actually follow through on that”.

Then the conversation shifted to his thoughts on mandatory vaccines, to which Sloan responded:

“I’m against mandatory vaccines” and then he apologized for missing comments as they were “flying” across his screen. He then made note to his viewers that “we’ve almost got 500 people on right now” referring to the number of people watching the live stream. Sloan was then asked if he support’s Canadian tradition, a question that many Conservatives consider a political landmine, but Sloan responded quickly in kind “That’s right, I believe we have distinct values here in Canada, distinct western traditions” then Sloan went on to thank the person who asked the question by name before saying “we need to keep them, absolutely”.

Then came a question that highlighted Sloan’s new found confidence, a woman name “Susan” commented in the live chat that she was afraid if Derek Sloan didn’t win the Conservative leadership that there would be no place for conservatives like Sloan and herself within the Conservative party. Mr. Sloan quickly quipped “don’t worry about that Susan we’re going to win this, so uh, anyone who think’s otherwise has a big surprise coming their way!”

He also expressed great confidence in his ability to win Quebec. During the live stream he brought up an analytics poll from their time in Quebec. Sloan read the results to his supporters ” Derek Sloan got fifty-nine percent of the searches in Quebec, twenty-two percent for Peter Mackay, ten percent for Leslyn Lewis, and nine percent for Erin O’Toole.

The Facebook livestream / ask me anything session that Mr. Sloan hosted seemed to be very successful, getting twenty-five thousand views in less than twelve hours. It may be that there is a torrent of blue support for the “Sloan Ranger” as his supporter’s affectionately meme him, a support that is not being represented in the mainstream media’s coverage of the leadership race.

One thing is for sure, Derek Sloan is not to be counted out as the next leader of the Conservative Party, and potentially the next Prime Minister of Canada.

Published by Greg Staley

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