Bill Morneau resigns as Finance Minister and MP, puts name in for OECD

Bill Morneau has stepped down as Finance Minister and Member of Parliament for Toronto Centre. The National Post and CBC News first reported this evening.

“It’s the right time for another finance minister to serve,” said Bill Morneau in his press conference on Monday, August 17, 2020 at around 7:30 p.m., E.S.T.

“That’s why I’ll be stepping down as finance minister and as member of parliament for Toronto Centre.”

“I still intend to continue to serve,” he said.

Morneau then went on to say that he will be putting his name forward for secretary general for the organization of economic cooperation and development. He also told reporters that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau supports him for this new role.

“The Prime Minister has given me his full support in this quest. I’ll be spending the next few weeks preparing for this bid,” said Morneau.

“I want to thank the Prime Minister for giving me this life-changing opportunity,” he said.

Morneau said many times during his conference that he is proud of what his government has done over the past five years.

When speaking on financial recovery, Morneau said he is confident that Trudeau will pick a good replacement.

When asked by a reporter on what led him to his decision to step down — including his thought process, Morneau responded by saying:

“I’ve always been thinking of how I can best serve … I think now is an appropriate time for me to step down.”

Chrystia Freeland will be taking Morneau’s spot as Finance Minister.

Morneau then went on to talk about Canada’s struggles during the COVID lockdown and then talked about how they’ve helped Canadians. But he never really answered the question, he just reiterated previous talking points.

He was later asked by a reporter if he had ‘Quit’ through the ‘revelations’ that have happened recently, — and once again Morneau didn’t answer the question directly.

According to Morneau, he was not asked by the Prime Minister to resign. (Although some are skeptical that he may just be a fall person for Trudeau, as he is heavily involved in the WE Charity Scandal also.

Regardless of his resignation — Morneau is still merited to a criminal investigation regarding his involvement with the WE Charity scandal. Morneau’s daughter, Claire Morneau has worked with the WE Charity in the past.

Others are pushing for Trudeau to follow Morneau’s footsteps in resigning following his many ethics violations during his almost five years as Prime Minister.