Maxime Bernier: MacKay and O’Toole are both “Red Tories.”

“I have a message for the supporters of these candidates, don’t be fooled, he got what he wanted, now that he is leader — the mask will fall.”

Maxime Bernier

OTTAWA — People’s Party of Canada leader, Maxime Bernier held a press conference this morning to address topics he believes are an issue within the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC).

He was well known for attacking the party and former CPC Leader, Andrew Scheer, during his 2019 election campaign calling it “intellectually and morally corrupt,” — which is the whole reason he started his own political party in the first place.

While the audio was echoing for the first six minutes of the livestream, he still managed to get his message across.

“Erin O’Toole said early in this campaign that Peter MacKay would turn the Conservative Party into the Liberal Lite Party if he wins,” said Bernier.

He also tweeted about it:

He went on to say he thinks O’Toole will do the same.

“He was right. What O’Toole did not say was that he as leader, will do the same. O’Toole and MacKay are like two peas in a pod. They are both establishment, centrist, globalist, red Tories. The party’s establishment wanted a red Torie — they got one.”

Bernier then commented on O’Toole’s campaign from three years ago, calling it a “red Torie campaign” and “boring.”

“O’Toole ran on a typical red Torie platform three years ago. Nobody remembers anything from his boring campaign. No bold proposal, nothing to distinguish him from the rest of the pack — that’s the real Erin O’Toole,” he said.

“This time he put on a true blue mask only for the strategic reasons to be the second choice of the less well known candidates, Leslyn Lewis and Derek Sloan. But, I have a message for the supporters of these candidates, don’t be fooled, he got what he wanted, now that he is leader — the mask will fall,” said Bernier.

The People’s Party leader went on to say that he thinks O’Toole will take his supporters for granted and his only objective now is to “steal centre-left votes from the Liberals.”

A reporter from the Canadian Press asked if Bernier had talked with any of the other candidates from last night and if he would welcome them (specifically Derek Sloan) to his party.

“Yes, I’m welcoming everybody that believes in real reform for this country and answering your question, I didn’t have any discussion with Derek yesterday, but yes, I will have a discussion with people who want to come with us and I think if you look at the platform that Derek put forward during that leadership contest, you know, a lot of those ideas are about the same as the ones we proposed during the last electoral campaign and he will be welcome,” said Bernier.

You can watch the whole press conference here:

The livestream on Facebook peaked just over 100 viewers while they were live, while the one on YouTube peaked around 250 to 300 while live and around 1,500 views just two hours following.

His tweet, garnered various responses from “Want cheese with that whine?” and “Un classy tweet,” to “Real conservatives and patriots, stand with Max!”

There were many other responses which either stood with or attacked Bernier.

While we wait to see when the next election will be, we will also wait and see if Bernier’s party can gain more traction or fail worse than it did last election when he lost his very own seat in Beauce, Que.

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