OTTAWA FREEDOM PROTEST: Teacher Mike J. delivers passionate speech on Parliament Hill

OTTAWA — Today, all around the world, crowds gathered in protest of their government’s corruption and overreach during the COVID era. More than 5,000 patriotic Canadians gathered on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ont., to show patriotism for Canada and anger towards their government’s blatant corruption.

Here is teacher Michael Jackson (Mike J), delivering his powerful speech:

Despite the chances of thunderstorms, the event went on regardless with great success. The forecast for heavy-rain and thunderstorms earlier in the day pushed on into the evening closer to the end of the event around 6 p.m.

Despite all that, the weather held off and patriotic Canadians showed up to Parliament Hill with a dark and gloomy sky waiting to shower down upon them.

While a rough estimate of attendees well exceeds 5,000, a sizeable portion in the crowd was from Québec as many of the key-note speakers were francophones. One thing is for sure, the crowd was more than enthusiastic to have freedom loving Canadians speaking in defence of our liberties.

“There are many teachers like me who aren’t speaking, but there are also many teachers who are beginning to speak,” said teacher Mike J.

“Now I’m speaking to the police — to all the people who have their jobs — who think they’re going to have their jobs after this is all done. This is how they divide us, they kept some people working on paid leave. They’re not going to rise-up! It was a strategy. This is totalitarianism, the jobs we think we’ll have will be gone!,” he continued.

More to come, stay tuned.

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