OTTAWA FREEDOM PROTEST: Amanda Forbes of Children’s Health Defence delivers an insightful speech on Parliament Hill

OTTAWA — Yesterday, all around the world, crowds gathered in protest of their government’s corruption and overreach during the COVID era. More than 5,000 patriotic Canadians gathered on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ont., to show patriotism for Canada and anger towards their government’s blatant corruption.

Amanda Forbes is a representative of the Children’s Health Defence as well as a representative of Vaccine Choice Canada and has launched Vaxxed II across Canada, “a movie which focusses on plight, heartbreak and pain of vaccine injury victims and their families,” says VCC’s website.

She spoke at Parliament Hill on August 29, 2020, for the Ottawa Freedom Protest, organized by The Line Canada.

“Once again I’m going to say it louder for the people in the back. Do you still think this is about a virus?,” Forbes shouted on Parliament Hill.

Forbes also mentioned the two things that unite every person on this planet.

“You don’t mess with our children and you don’t mess with our freedom!,” she said.

WATCH IT: Amanda Forbes’ speech on Parliament Hill | August 29, 2020.

More to come, stay tuned.

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