Pedophiles love COVID lock-down — “It’s harvest time.” | #SaveTheChildren

We have seen an uptick in millions of additional reports reported by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

– Tim Ballard

What’s scarier to you? “After taking care of the vulnerable, what is more scary to you? A virus that has a 99.99 percent chance of survive-ability, or the absolute fact that hundred of thousands — maybe millions will be raped — will be sexually assaulted? That’s not a hypothetical, that’s the trade off,” says Ballard in a video.

The words echoed through the room that was filled with heavy silence. “Have you heard anyone ask that question? Has any governor asked that question? Are our medical professionals asking that question? No one is asking that question because the kids are still shoved in the closet, take your laptop, let us adults figure this problem out.”

When discussing why school infrastructure was so important to child safety Ballard said,

“Like little Haiti right, that’s number three per capita in the world for trafficking. Why? We’ve known for years why! They don’t have the infrastructure that other countries are blessed with. They don’t have the schooling infrastructure so they’re vulnerable to traffickers.”

He then brought it back around to the need to reopen schools.

“This is the part that’s going to maybe get controversial, but it is what it is,” he said.

“We have data now. And I’m not a scientist, but I’m very interested in the data because the data affects our work. And we know this, the CDC agrees, every single non-political, non-partisan health care provider, scientist from Harvard from Stanford, from everywhere! CDC even if you look at it! They are telling you this — 65 years or younger, you have a 99.99 percent chance of surviving COVID if you get it.

Then Ballard talked about how teachers are mostly not at risk from the virus.

“Last data I saw was like 88 percent of teachers and coaches and people that create the infrastructure that keep our kids safe are under 60 years old. Teachers are a young profession. I think three fourths are under 40 or something even.”

So if teachers aren’t at risk from this virus, and children aren’t, why are we putting them in harms way by taking away the infrastructure that keeps them safe? Why are we even discussing the possibility about shutting down schools when children and teachers aren’t in the risk groups for COVID?

Child safety should always be at the forefront of public discussion. When you learn that COVID has created the perfect environment for human traffickers and pedophiles to exploit children — you question the bigger picture.

Are we doing more harm to children by keeping them from school? Most certainly the answer is yes.

“What’s going on? What’s going on is society decided we needed to shut down and lock-down infrastructure, schools, businesses and everything else because of COVID-19,” he continued.

He then want on to describe school infrastructure as being a safety net for children. He also described the scenario that has been created for pedophiles as result of their closure.

“Guess what the pedophiles are doing? They’re also on lock-down. Their jobs are suspended or they’re working from home and they’re on their laptops. We can track the chatter and you know what they’re saying? This is horrifying — It’s harvest time,” he said.

Who is Tim Ballard?

Ballard is the founder of Operation Underground Railroad and former special agent for the Department Of Homeland Security. During his decade plus of experience working as a special agent he worked in the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and deployed as an undercover operative for the U.S., Child Sex Tourism Jump Team.

Operation Toussaint Trailer – Founding Of O.U.R.

After coming across a case where he couldn’t help a child due to not having jurisdiction, he decided to start his own organization.

Tim described the scenario like this “I didn’t know anything really about Haiti, until I learned about a little boy who was born in Utah. A U.S., citizen and was kidnapped in Haiti from his church where his father was the pastor. I read about it in the local newspaper. I thought that I could make it into a U.S case and I couldn’t because it wasn’t.”

“I had to leave my job because I just had to do something about it. We went to Haiti to look for his son and we never found him.”

They may not have found that boy, but to date O.U.R., has liberated over 4,100 victims and assisted in the arrests of more than 2,300 traffickers around the world. In addition the partners that O.U.R is empowering have collectively helped rescue the lives of more than 10,000 survivors who were enslaved, exploited, or as risk.

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