CBC’s Biased Coverage: How CBC News covered the Montréal Protest

Over 50,000 patriotic Canadians marched through the streets of Montréal, Que., yesterday in protest of their governments handling of COVID-19.

For much time now, the CBC in Montréal have been under-reporting the sizes of the crowds at these protests and rallies. So organizers decided to bring the event to them.

WATCH IT: Interview with a Montréal local at the protest.

While many independent news organizations and citizen journalists covered the event from the streets, our state broadcaster which is given over $1 Billion each year from the Federal Government, decided to give their biased reporting on the event stating,

“Several thousand people gathered Saturday in downtown Montreal to hear speeches from conspiracy theorists and anti-vaccine activists, in one of the largest demonstrations to date against the Québec government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The march began outside Premier François Legault’s Montreal office, and at one point stretched more than six city blocks. It attracted people of all ages, and from a wide-variety of mindsets,” says CBC Montréal’s story titled “Anti-mask protest in Montreal draws large crowd, propelled by U.S. conspiracy theories.”

It wasn’t several thousand CBC, it was actually more than 50,000 who flooded the streets yesterday. It wasn’t an anti-mask protest — it was a freedom rally against the government’s decisions when it comes to COVID-19 restrictions.

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