MONTRÉAL PROTEST | “They (Québecers) tend not to trust their governments,” says Montreal protester

With reporting by Diverge Media’s Greg Staley.

MONTRÉAL, QUÉBEC.— More than 50,000 protested in the streets marching from the Québec Premiere’s office to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Montréal headquarters.

Québecers tend to be more patriotic — that’s what Diverge Media has noticed while covering various protests in Ottawa and the most recent one on Saturday, September 12, 2020 in Montréal, Que.

We decided to ask people at the protest why this is, what makes them different than the rest of Canadians?

“I think maybe Québec and the french people, I just think that they’re not as trusting of their governments as english speaking people because they’ve had a tougher time ’cause of the history,” said Hoyt Clydewell, a protester from Toronto.

“I think they tend not to trust their governments — which is a healthy thing. In Ontario and the rest of english speaking Canada — everyone just — you know, we’ve had it good for a long time now.”

He also noted on people who still wear their masks, compared to those who choose not to.

“When I see people wearing their masks — to me those are good people doing what they think is right but they’re being lied to. We somehow have to show them, with facts and figures, that they are being lied to,” said Clydewell.

Tens of thousands of protesters march down the road in Montréal, Qué., on Saturday, Sept., 12, 2020 in protest of the government’s handling of COVID-19 and restrictions placed on them. The final destination for the protest was at CBC’s headquarters in Montréal. Broderick Visser / Diverge Media.

He also mentioned that Canadians ought to be kind to each other.

“Don’t consider these people your enemies, they’re your neighbours,” he said.

“These people I see wearing a mask and that, I don’t yell at them or say ‘you’re an idiot for doing that.’ I try to be nice and tell them some facts.”

He mentioned that instead of arguing with someone of different beliefs we should ask questions to get others to think about the other side of a discussion.

Clydewell attends the Queen’s Park Protests every Saturday in Toronto, Ont. where many gather to protest against Doug Ford’s handling of COVID-19 and restrictions placed on Ontarians.

More to come, stay tuned.

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