Unmarked “police” in Quebec intimidate protestors exercising Charter rights

Rimouski Quebec – Unmarked “police”

Rimouski. Quebec — Protesters gathered once again to protest their government’s gross mishandling of COVID — a disease that has not proven nearly as fatal or dangerous as previously sold to the public. Recently, the Premier of Quebec, Francois Legault, ordered many parts of the province into what he deemed “code red” level lockdown.

What does that mean for the everyday life of Quebecer’s in those areas? What does a “code red” lockdown entail? Well for one, it means no visitors to your home from any other address – unless of course you live alone, then it’s ok. The major issue with Quebec’s level four lockdowns is that they are a gross infringement on our rights.

Article: We have rights – time to exercise them

Saturday Oct., 3, 2020 — protesters gathered outdoors to exercise their charter rights, speak out against the governments mishandling of COVID, and the draconian measures that the Quebec government has instituted in the name of safety. It’s worth noting at this time that there is ample hospital capacity in Quebec — and even though cases are rising, we are testing at about three times as much compared to the same period during the “first wave.” In addition, deaths (figures 8 and 9) and hospitalizations have plateaued in comparison to the first wave. This means that none of these measures are merited.

Total number of deaths dating back to March – We’ve also tripled testing roughly in this time
Marginal uptick in ICU and hospitalizations at same time testing has almost tripled

So not only are these measures no where close to be scientifically justified — they’re also completely against our God given Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The following freedoms are granted from God, and not from man. The rights to assembly, freedom of religion, freedom of conscience and the right to remain within or leave Canada. For the government to take away these rights, they must demonstrate they meet The Oakes Proportionality Test — a test in which they would struggle to pass step 1.

Charter of Rights and Freedoms section 1 and 2
Oakes proportionality test — A brief introduction to Law in Canada

To me, this is a clear abuse of power, and a completely unjustified one for that matter. COVID is not the big scary boogeyman that governments have made it out to be – the stats bear that out. Instead it seems that COVID has presented the opportunity for governments to impose draconian “orders” that violate human rights under the guise of public safety.

In Rimouski, Quebec protesters were met by what appears to be an unmarked “police” force seeking to enforce Premier Legault’s “laws” that violate basic human rights and the charter. These police walked around with NOTHING to identify who they were, other than occasional numbers on the back of their coats.

This is similar to what we have seen out of Victoria, Australia where unmarked men and women have been seen repeatedly abusing their powers — accosting old women sitting on benches, and beating those who won’t disperse at protests in the name of “safety.”

According to one protester who was there,

“They had minibuses ready for those who wouldn’t leave, three to four ambulances too just waiting and one fire truck. They surrounded us totally … but the SQ was protecting us.” I then asked who the SQ was to which I was told the Sûreté du Québec. They are the provincial police for the province.

It begs the question, who the hell are these men and women in unmarked uniforms seeking to disperse crowds who have a legitimate right to exercise their God given rights? Why were the Quebec police seemingly protecting the protesters from these unmarked “police.”

What appeared to be at least 50 unmarked “police” lined the perimeter where the protest was taking place — likely to intimidate the masses from coming together to protest in the future. This is unacceptable. This is Canada. We must never forsake our national anthem where we plead “God keep our land glorious and free.” Since we are the hands and feet of God — let us work to keep this land glorious and free. No foreign police force should ever be allowed to patrol, or enforce any laws on Canadian soil.

It is worth noting at this time that Montreal Canada falls under the Strong Cities Initiative — the group believed to be responsible for the “foreign police force” that has been sent to enforce the “law” and quell “uprisings” like we have seen in Victoria, Australia. I say believe, because the Strong Cities Initiative will not let non-members see the terms of service for becoming a strong city — let that sink in.

You don’t get to know what your city has signed onto because you’re not the mayor with all his lofty connections? The people have the right to know exactly what their elected members of government are signing them up for — and currently we aren’t entirely sure. We must share articles like this far and wide — the truth is not being found in the mainstream media anymore.

So please do your part and spread this article like wildfire — the truth needs to be spread that way.

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