“Police terror” — late night quarantine check in Flinton, Ont., called “disturbing.”

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Flinton, Ont. — A quarantine check executed at 1:24 A.M., by The Ontario Provincial Police’s (OPP), Central Hastings Detachment is being called “disturbing” by the father of the woman quarantining in Flinton, Ont., after she returned from international travels.

“My 32 year old single daughter Bronwyn [redacted] is self-isolating in the Flinton property owned by her brother Graydon [redacted] (she is in her second week). Last night (early today) at 1:24 AM, Madoc OPP attended the property with no notice and no announcement or introduction and no police car lights on. My daughter only heard loud banging on the door and saw flashlight(s) and car headlights,” said a man named Rick who emailed Ontario MPP, Randy Hillier with the complaint.

The email proceeds with Rick telling Mr. Hillier that his daughter “frantically locked herself in the bathroom” and called him in Oshawa.

“I am 2 hours from a terrified daughter asking me what to do Daddy if the intruders enter the house and abduct her or whatever. We called 911 from Oshawa and were informed within about another 10 minutes that it was the police doing a quarantine checkup (at 1:24 AM????!!!).”

According to the email, it seemed as though his daughter was quite upset and terrified by the late night visit from police.

“This is a pandemic and police can do what they want.”

“Meanwhile my daughter can hardly breath and I’m helplessly left to wonder what is to become of my daughter. My other son was contacted by the contacted by the Sergeant Bernier who callously stated that this is a pandemic and police can do what they want.

Rick finished the email to Hillier off by saying,

“What are OPP doing terrorizing a single female law-abiding citizen following quarantine guidelines as set out by your government in the middle of the night?”

See the email below:

Diverge Media is going to look into these claims and why police decided to conduct a quarantine checkup at 1:24 in the morning. — Stay tuned.

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