Pastor Henry Hildebrandt: “Nice people don’t speak the truth when they should … good people must!”

TORONTO — Pastor Henry Hildebrandt spoke on October 17, 2020 at a freedom protest at Young-Dundas Square.

A lot of what he spoke on in his speech is very similar to our previous article featuring him at a protest on Sept., 26, 2020.

ARTICLE: “880 dollar fine – that’s it?” – Canada’s Pastor Henry Hildebrandt at Dundas-square protest Toronto.

If you’re going to watch any part of the following video, watch the last two minutes (8:00 – 10:03). These parts stood out to me as (1) being new to his speech and (2) being something that people need to hear and be reminded.

“Long before the government was — the church was. When government overwrites God, the family and the church, we know we have government overreach. — It’s called systemic oppression!”

He continued comparing “nice people” to “good people.”

“Nice people buckle, nice people give way, nice people accommodate, nice people don’t offend, nice people allow themselves to get pushed around and taken advantage of. — Nice people always finish last.”

Wait a minute — he’s talking about Canadian’s isn’t he?

See, we are so stereotypically “nice” we are sitting in the sidelines while the government spends all our money, strips us of our freedoms and probably wants to lock us down again.

So “nice people” do all these things — but what do good people do according to Hildebrandt?

“God has not called us to be nice, rather he has called us to be good. There comes a time when we stiffen our spines and we say ‘I am not going to band on this issue, there is a moral standard at stake here on which I cannot compromise and I must plant my feet and refuse to budge.’ Nice people don’t do that but good people do,” Pastor Hildebrandt preached to the crowd.

He continued saying that good people must do these things.

“In fact, good people must! Nice people don’t change historygood people do. Nice people don’t change the world — but good people do,” he said.

The next thing is something all Canadians should keep in mind whether you’re religious or not — I believe it should be a moral standard for all.

“Mean people speak when they shouldn’t and nice people don’t speak the truth when they should. Good people do — good people must!”

Pastor Henry Hildebrandt | October 17, 2020 | Young-Dundas Square, Toronto, Ont.

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