Trudeau Liberals ignite talks of an election — with a campaign starting as soon as Wednesday

By the end of the day tomorrow, Canadians could be soon heading to the polls to decide a new leader only one year into Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s second-term.

Justin Trudeau just averted an election in late September with the help of Jagmeet Singh and the NDP’s.

But now, it’s Trudeau who wants an election — so what has changed his mind less than a month later?

Conservatives have been trying to set up an anti-corruption committee to dig into the WE scandal as well as the rest of Trudeau’s dirty laundry.

The Liberals said they will reject the Conservative Party’s motion to set up the special committee, saying it could trigger a confidence vote — thus potentially sending Canadians to the polls.

“Setting up a committee is not a matter of confidence. No government in Canadian history has been brought down because an opposition motion passed to set up a committee,” said Conservative MP and finance vice-chair, Pierre Poilievre.

Should a vote of no confidence pass, the prime minister is required to submit his resignation to the Governor General, who may then invite the leader of another coalition or party to attempt to form a new government, or dissolve Parliament and call for a general election.

This motion was in response to the WE Charity controversy — which Trudeau delayed when he prorogued parliament for just over a month from August to September. He will stop at nothing to postpone the truth as long as he can.

When MP’s tried to resume committee hearings on the We Charity matter as Parliament resumed just several weeks ago, Trudeau sent his Liberals to talk for a week and stall votes on new hearings.

Poilievre was seen today in a video he shared on twitter debating the whole ordeal in Parliament.

“They are prepared to defeat themselves in order to stop anyone from asking them questions about the Prime Minister’s gift of a half-billion dollars to a group that had given his family a half-million dollars.”

While the Liberals blame the Conservatives for not caring about Canadians, Trudeau says putting forward a motion “shows their lack of confidence in the government — and Poilievre says otherwise.

“We want to put all of this into one committee so the rest of parliament can work for Canadians lives and livelihoods across the house of commons — what have they got to hide?”

Conservatives offered to amend the motion to make it clear it is not a confidence motion — but the Liberals still said voting in favour of the proposal will trigger a federal election.

It’s unclear who the NPD will support, but we do know the Bloc—Quebecois will back the Conservatives.

The real question is what Poilievre struck head on — why is it “unsafe” to let kids go trick-or-treating, but Trudeau is willing to send Canadian’s to the polls? — He’s hiding something big.

“In many parts of Canada, kids can’t go trick-or-treating but Liberals think Canadians should go to the polls rather than their answering several simple questions,” he said.

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