Gordon Burling on the Montréal red-zone lockdown restrictions

*NOTE* The following clip is from our Oct. 7, 2020 livestream.

It’s been just barely a month since the Quebec Premier, Francois Legault plunged Quebec into a 28-day lockdown — which of course now has been extended to a 56-day one.

Yesterday, on Monday October 26, Premier Francois Legault announced the red zone restrictions that went into effect on Sept. 28 will be extended until Nov. 23.

Burling talked in the interview about him and his housemates mental healths saying;

“For me I would — my mental health’s probably — I’m already a nut job as it was *laughter* But for the average person, it’s taking a toll on them — especially if they don’t see the reality of it — well what I’m pretty positive the reality is — if they don’t see that if they’re going along with it — ‘Oh my God now this, another lockdown — are we all going to die or are we all going to live what’s happening?’ — Those people are losing their minds for sure,” said Burling.

“I have a friend that — he lives upstairs from other people — he told me some of them are not taking it too well.”

The lockdown extension came as COVID cases continued to rise – YET deaths stay at a pretty steady constant.

“After discussing with public health, we think it’s reasonable in 28 days to see a reduction,” he said. “In the first 28 days, we stabilized, and we think it will take another 28 days to see a reduction,” said Legualt in a live cast.