STALEY: How to create fear around Covid

“It is easier to fool someone than convince them they’ve been fooled” — Mark Twain (attributed)

December 2019, Wuhan, China – The pandemic is underway and has been traced back to Wuhan, China. Reports start to circulate about a respiratory illness. It is at this point in time the great fear drive begins.

China floods the world with propaganda showing their draconian reaction to this new virus. They show residents being bolted in their homes, hazmat suited men combing through the streets, spraying what appears to be disinfectant everywhere, and people falling over in the streets. Fear spreads around the globe – efficiently. Although, this appears to have been staged (if it was legit we would’ve seen this in Canada and elsewhere). The prospects of a novel virus that had elicited such a response from a global superpower had the world hushed in fear. You’re now ready for the next step — confirming the fear.

Bad tests — How do you confirm a fear? You found that fear on bad testing. The creator of the PCR test had stated that the PCR test “tells you something about nature and about what’s there, but it allows you to take a very minuscule amount of anything and make it measurable and then talk about it in meetings and stuff like it is important.” 

He continued to drop bombs in this Q and A session (Bitchute was the only place with full video) “PCR is separate from that, it’s just a process that used to make a whole lot of something out of something. It doesn’t tell you that you’re sick and doesn’t tell you that the thing you ended up with really was going to hurt you or anything like that,” says Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test.

“PCR is separate from that, it’s just a process that used to make a whole lot of something out of something. It doesn’t tell you that you’re sick and doesn’t tell you that the thing you ended up with really was going to hurt you or anything like that.”

Kary mullis, PCR test inventor
To clarify

The inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis said “It doesn’t tell you that you’re sick and doesn’t tell you that the thing you ended up with really was going to hurt you or anything like that.” To clarify further, Mr. Mullis was specifically referring to PCR test used in diagnosing HIV — a rare disease, unlike a coronavirus.

So the creator advised against the use of PCR tests for diagnostics of disease, and then the FDA has also said that COVID no quantified virus isolates are available (page 39).

Researcher Peter Borger gives more detail in a question board online as to his concerns around this point.

”When it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, flies like a duck…it most probably is a duck!” In other words, it is almost certain that COVID-19 is SARS. We are dealing with a new-but weakened-SARS outbreak!”

Pieter Borger | Msc, PHD

Pieter Borger, who has a master’s in science and a PHD has said the following on regarding COVID not being properly isolated.

“My own research show COVID equals SARS. Interestingly, the COVID19-RTPCR detection kit developed by the Robert Koch Institute in Germany is also a-specific, as it also detects SARS-Cov1. Why are not specific primers chosen?”

He also stated that the authors don’t provide their primer sequences — meaning we don’t know if COVID was actually isolated, or if SARS primer sequence was used and is now being used as the basis for COVID detection.

Mr. Borger in his paper titled: “A SARS-like Coronavirus was expected, but nothing was done to be prepared” said; “The fact of the matter is that the symptoms associated with SARS-CoV1 and SARS-CoV2, the syndromes of SARS and COVID-19, can hardly be distinguished from each other. Based on symptoms only, a pulmonologist would not be able to tell whether a patient is infected with SARS-CoV1 or with SARS-CoV2.

He continued;

“The fact that COVID-19 (SARSCoV2) can be treated with chloroquine also signifies that we are dealing with an old SARS-like virus. As early as 2005, it was shown that this drug reduced the virus-receptor binding and abrogated

infection and spread of SARS-CoV and virus spread was mitigated when the cells were either treated with chloroquine prior to or after SARS-CoV infection [7]. There is straightforward English wisdom: ”When it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, flies like a duck…it most probably is a duck!” In other words, it is almost certain that COVID-19 is SARS. We are dealing with a new-but weakened-SARS outbreak!”

So to summarize, COVID is likely a more contagious, less deadly version of SARS. Governments are then using the PCR test (not recommended to use for diagnosing illness by Inventor Kary Mullis) and then using the case numbers derived from these bad tests to justify the dismissal of your God-given human rights.

They then propagandize the public to attack each other so they don’t attack the government’s atrocious narrative instead. Fear is a powerful thing.

You can learn more about the issues with PCR test in our article: The joke that is COVID testing. We discuss how the amplification cycles also differ at different testing sites — which can yield drastically different results.

Symbolize the fear publicly

Mandate the use of masks well beyond the actual “peak” of the “pandemic.” State that masks aren’t effective initially, only to change your position entirely and say anything worn on the face can protect others against the virus. Ignore all relevant data that shows masks aren’t effective in reducing viruses in the general population and condemn anyone who challenges this narrative. Tell the people to mock those who don’t believe the new position their government has taken.

Ignore studies like the New England Journal of Medicines which stated that masks are only marginally effective, only to later state in the paper that “It is also clear that masks serve symbolic roles. Masks are not only tools, they are also talismans that may help increase health care workers’ perceived sense of safety, well-being, and trust in their hospitals. Although such reactions may not be strictly logical, we are all subject to fear and anxiety, especially during times of crisis.

Call the people pointing these glaring contradictions “out to lunch,” (like Premier Ford did) and ignore their evidence while reiterating the official government talking points. Create an us versus them mentality from top-down. Let it be known to the public that the people who don’t believe the government’s narrative are “dangerous” and not as “smart” as everyone else. By doing this, you will gain many petty chiefs willing to do your will while they act out their own pernicious desires.

Article: Staley: Everything wrong with mandatory masks

Silence the dissent

After ramping up the fear, using masks and PCR tests to help your cause, make sure to silence any experts whose views dissent from the governments. A perfect example of this is the fact the Kary Mullis (inventor of PCR test) speech has been scrubbed from the main social media networks — I had to find it on Bitchute which Wikipedia describes as “a video hosting service known for accommodating far-right individuals and conspiracy theorists, and for hosting hateful material. The platform was created in 2017 to allow video uploaders to avoid content rules enforcement on YouTube, and some creators who have been banned from YouTube or had their channels barred from receiving advertising revenue have migrated to BitChute.”

This is not unique to Mullis’ speech, but rather is a common occurrence of any video that gains too much traction that challenges the official COVID narrative around the world.

In my opinion, the big social media outlets have purposefully scrubbed all expert opinion and well thought out arguement a that debunk the current narrative. This makes it more difficult to have people believe the source is “reliable” when it can only be shown on platforms with less than favourable descriptors.

Double Speak

Keep the public on your side by acting like you’re in it with them and that you want nothing more than to open things up. “Nobody wants to open business more than me,” Ontario Premier Doug Ford has repeatedly told Ontarians. Tell people these things while ignoring the vast amount of hospital beds that have remained open at all times during this “pandemic” and intentionally not sharing any information that could prevent severe forms of the illness — like the fact that Vitamin D deficiency is a common threat in 80 percent of hospitalized COVID patients. 

Put another way, you could reduce your risk of hospitalization from COVID by about 80 percent by having proper vitamin D levels in your body. Where’s that public service announcement on that Mr. Trudeau? Instead, we are told “stay inside and isolate” as much as possible — something that will likely lead to more vitamin D deficiency in Canadians, putting them at higher risk of adverse outcomes from COVID.

Continue with your facade that you’re one of the “common” people while you live well, eat well, and have no concern about your finances or future job security. Smile while you call the people who don’t follow your rules “yahoos” and then say they’re “short of a french fry.” Tell people not to hang around those who frequent protests — even if they’re asymptomatic AKA “healthy.” Never acknowledge that the same people you are calling names are the same ones who voted you into power.

Act like you care about Canadians health while withholding information that could keep them healthy. Don’t highlight inconvenient data like the fact (at time of writing) that roughly 80 percent of deaths have occurred in long-term care facilities and retirement homes, but still, continually blame the public for this — in spite of over 20 years of government reports drawing attention to the need for vast improvements in these homes. Shift the blame from your government to the citizens — this will make it seem like their actions are the culprit, not yours.

Don’t acknowledge the fact that it was known long before COVID that staffing shortages and staff working at multiple LTC homes was a normal occurrence. Act like it is the actions of the public that are the cause of these problems — not years of different governments neglecting to improve the quality of life in these homes. It also doesn’t hurt to cover the neglect in LTC homes only to quickly change coverage to other topics to bury the stories highlighting these grotesques examples of neglect.

This is how you create fear in the public – not how you quell it.

COVID is a convenient scapegoat being used to strip the world’s nations of their God-given freedoms and liberties and condition them to accept George Orwell’s 1984 as the reality of their life. This is a push towards the UN agenda 2030 by using a virus that has conveniently rid the world of the Flu at the same time.

You may think I’m crazy – but I think it’s crazy to trust the government when they constantly lie and mislead the people they claim to serve. We are in the age of too much information and not enough at the same time. Too much of the wrong information coming from government officials, and not enough information coming from the experts. Experts of dissenting views are being silenced in an attempt to keep the governments narrative the official narrative.

Please do yourself a favour — just ask the logical questions. Please, your countries future well-being likely depends on it.

Published by Greg Staley

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