If you can go to Walmart — you can go honour the troops in person this Remembrance Day

Excuses instead of solutions — seems to be what Canadians have come to expect from their politicians. November 11th is fast approaching and yet rather then figure out how to hold the ceremonies in person to honour our veterans and troops — our government has opted for a stripped down virtual ceremonies to be held instead.

All across this great nation — the legions appear to have been instructed to not advertise their ceremonies publicly to avoid “large gatherings.” The irony of this is gut wrenching. Don’t come to an outdoor event to honour our veterans and troops because COVID is too dangerous. Meanwhile hundreds herd themselves into their local Walmarts daily to obtain whatever their hearts desire.

An event meant to honour the sacrifices of the greatest generation is being conveniently discarded by politicians who refuse to allow the ceremony at the cenotaph to be advertised. It is being actively discouraged for the public to show up in person to these events — that is if they’re even aware that an event is taking place (no public announcements).

Many paid the ultimate price

Many gave their very lives for us to be able to enjoy the “freedom” we have today. Instead of coming together to honour this sacrifice, the government would have you believe you are doing a great deed by staying home to keep “others safe” from COVID.

Let me ask the question again — why is perfectly acceptable to have hundreds gather to shop indoors at a Walmart, but an outdoor event (low risk of virus) to honour our veterans and troops isn’t ok?

Leaders don’t make excuses, they find solutions. If our politicians really wanted to honor our great troops and veterans — they wouldn’t be making excuses as to why we couldn’t gather outdoors to support them on November 11th. Instead they would find solutions on how to protect the most vulnerable. For one perhaps have a separate seating area that’s distanced from the rest of the crowd for the elderly and immune compromised to sit in.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise however to anyone familiar with our governments treatment of our military and veterans. To steal a phrase once used in parliament on a different subject, the government treats veteran affairs and our military like a fart in the room — you know it’s there, but everyone does their best to ignore it.

Presence is important

Our presence and support has never been more important in my opinion. How can we turn our backs on those who marched towards the most heinous of evils? I refuse to let the sacrifices of the men and women who fought for this great nation to be cast aside in the name of a virus that is no where near what our government has hyped it to be. Don’t pretend you care about our troops and veterans when your track records say the complete opposite.

We can hold this ceremony and still protect the most vulnerable. If you have any symptoms — stay home. Let’s socially distance the men and women who are the most vulnerable away from the rest of the crowds — but let the ceremony go on as usual. Tell Canadians to come out and support their veterans — the same veterans who gave everything to support them.

We are being called to stand united as Canadians for those who stood united for us — a small pittance in return for the freedoms we they gave us. This is wrong and I’ll argue that point until my throat is hoarse with anyone willing to hear me out. They gave it all, so let’s just give a little of ourselves — let us give these veterans and troops our presence.

This story is developing and we will continue to update as we learn more from our local city officials on the decision to not advertise these events.

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Diverge Media wants to personally thank all that are currently serving in our Canadian Armed Forces and all the veterans who have served our country wherever they were called in the past. We remember — we won’t forget.

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