Tim Moen talks about Neil Young bashing Fort McMurray, Alberta for its oil sands

Before Tim Moen ran under the Libertarian Party of Canada he was a blogger, firefighter and filmmaker, as well as much more.

Moen never really had that “political ambition.”

“Yeah well, I never had any political ambitions at all — ever. In a way I still don’t, my goal here is not to necessarily to gain power or anything like that — it’s to try to shift culture,” said Moen in response to why he got involved in politics.

He continued talking about his side hustle outside of being a firefighter back in 2013 — a filmmaker.

“Towards the end of 2013, I had done some work with Neil Young and Daryl Hannah. You know cause every firefighter has a side hustle and my side hustle when I was a firefighter in Fort McMurray was producing films and doing audio production,” said Moen

He was doing video productions for many big names like Our Lady Peace, Johnny Reid, Alice Cooper and Neil Young.

“All the bands that came to town I would set up video production for them and I would do corporate videos for them

He began to notice something strange about all these people coming to Fort McMurray.

“I started noticing all these environmentalists coming to my community — and they all started coming out of Hollywood,” Moen explained.

He talked about when Neil Young came to town, saying that he had this type of agenda as an environmentalist.

After shooting a video for Young, which had a certain bias to it, Young went to Washington D.C. and talked some smack about Fort McMurray and their oil sands.

“I didn’t begrudge him because he wanted to shoot a reticular narrative — he had blinders up and yes men around him … but what really pissed me off was he went to Washington D.C. the week after (we shot a video) and he talked about my community in very belittling terms. He said that Fort McMurray looked like Hiroshima and Nagasaki, he said that we were committing genocide on the First Nations people up there — when in fact the exact opposite was true,” Moen explained.