Trump legally challenges all of Biden’s claimed states

The American Election – It has the world hushed with anticipation. None more eagerly await the result of the Presidency than the American people – but results may take a while. Trump has just announced on Twitter he is going to legally challenge all of the Biden claimed states for voter and election fraud – but why?

Many red flags – Trump had big leads in many of the swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina among others. It is not as though it’s not possible for Joe Biden and the Democrats to be able to catch the Donald – it’s just extremely unlikely that they could gain the type of ground required after much of the vote had already been counted. There have also been complaints of boarded-up windows, and Republican scrutineers being kicked out of the ballots rooms – but these have yet to be explored and investigated.

One video on Twitter posted by the internet personality Fleccas, shows one person counting ballots slowly becoming enraged by the results they are observing. By the end of the short video, the ballot counter can be seen crumpling ballots and throwing them away. It is unclear if the votes were for Trump – but regardless, an investigation into these situations is desperately needed.

What is going on here? #Election2020 #ATL

Poll worker angry at the results

Originally tweeted by Essential Fleccas 🇺🇸 (@fleccas) on November 5, 2020.

Another video by the same internet personality shows how a dead American citizen was registered to vote in Jackson County Michigan, one of the key swing states. This doesn’t mean that the vote wasn’t for Trump – but it does verify that voter fraud may be occurring as Trump has stated. This is part of the reason for the legal challenge in Biden won states. This could turn out to be innocent – but an investigation is most certainly merited.

Absentee ballot from confirmed deceased

The same Twitter personality can also be found punching many deceased people into various state systems. The video shows that the deceased are confirmed to have received ballots, and cast them for a candidate – although which candidate is unclear. These things will be cleared up in court challenges.
Another video by Project Veritas, shows a whistleblower talking about how ballots were being stamped with the previous day’s date so they could be counted in the election. This is a huge red flag, as the ballots are not to be counted if they aren’t submitted on time.

In other breaking news, Philadelphia has been ordered to stop counting the votes by a judge after Republican scrutineers were refused access to monitor the voting process. The democratic party there is appealing the judge’s decision to allow the scrutineers to be able to monitor the process – can you scream sketchy! This is why vote counting has stopped there.

Video link:

We will find out the truth – but will the American people, and the rest of the world accept the results?

At the time of writing this article, all of the tweets included were active. We apologize if they get removed – Twitter’s Jack Dorsey has been very eager to remove messages that shine a light on these election issues.

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