Do more for veterans Premier Ford – The poppy is the bare minimum

family holding hands at veterans grave

Doug Ford – has garnered a lot of public support for openly condemning Whole Foods for their decision to not allow their employees to wear a poppy calling it “a political statement.” This is a good start, but this is the bare minimum as far as honouring our Veterans goes.

Ford has stated he will introduce legislation that “prohibits any employer from banning their staff from wearing a poppy during Remembrance week.” Ultimately, without Ford vocally advocating for the public to be allowed to support Veterans in person this Remembrance Day – this is nothing more than political grandstanding to try to shore up a battered public image.

Kids hold hands and go to veterans graves
Doug Ford tweet after the Whole Foods debacle

Recently, I sat down with Royal Canadian Airforce Veteran Chris Semchuck who served for 20 years in the Canadian Armed Forces. One of the questions I asked is what Remembrance Day means to him. Part of his response to my answer was to say that “Remembrance Day is sacred.” I couldn’t agree more. Our presence is needed to show that regardless of what is going on – we will always remember.

So why is the Government of Ontario preventing the public from gathering to honour Veterans this Remembrance Day?

Covid of course

The Government would rather take the easy way out and shut down the ceremonies to the public than to do the hard work and figure out how they will hold such a time-honoured tradition safely. I can think of no greater irony than the paradigm the Government has presented on the matter. On the day when we celebrate those that fought for our freedom – don’t exercise that freedom and stay home.

A Veterans story transcends all of the hardships and trials of our day to day lives. They give us a glimpse into the heinous horrors of war – reminding us of the signs needed to prevent them from happening today. If we ignore our history, we will be doomed to repeat it.

What can you do this Remembrance Day?

1.) Call your legion and ask about the ceremony this year – find a way to safely support them in person. Don’t make it a protest – but make it known you support them by giving your presence.

2.) If you don’t feel comfortable going in person – then take the time on November 11th, at 11 AM to stop what you’re doing and give just 2 mins of silence. As Chris said to me “if we can go out on our porches to support our healthcare workers then we can go out to stand for 2 mins of silence on Remembrance Day.”

3.) Go to the CommonWealth war graves site and find a fallen soldier in your area and go lay a wreathe, flowers or something to show your support. Teach your kids and family about the sacrifices that have made our freedom possible. Never let their sacrifices be forgotten.

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