The Great Reset – Liberals, Conservatives, NDP all involved and seem to be working together towards SDG’S

By: Greg Staley

Written On: November 23rd, 2020

The following is a Diverge Media investigative piece. A quick look on the Young Global Leaders Facebook page shows many links to the Sustainable Development Goals or SDG’S.

Get ready to be uncomfortable – If you are the type of person who attaches themselves to a party, and not the substance of the principles that the party stands for – this may not be the article for you. We are about to expose players from almost all major political parties – if you don’t want the truth, turn back now.

Recently, Diverge Media had a thread blow up on Twitter after we exposed the connections of members of the NDP, Liberal Party, and perhaps more concerning the Conservative Party to the World Economic Forums Great Reset. These connections will be made clear through this article and should make any freedom-loving Canadian enraged at their involvement.

The Young Global Leaders Forum 

Before we explore the connection in-depth, I will first list the names of those involved and their current positions of influence within Canada.

  1. Michelle Rempel: Conservative Party MP and current Shadow Minister of Health, Michelle Rempel is well-liked among her constituents – but that may change as they learn about her involvement in this Forum with its ties to the insidious Great Reset.
  2. Chrystia Freeland: Member of the Liberal party, Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister of Canada.
  3. Jagmeet Singh: Federal leader of the NDP party.
  4. Terry Beech: Parliamentary Secretary, Department of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard.
  5. Ailish Campbell: Chief Trade Commissioner, Global Affairs Canada.
  6. Francois-Philippe Champagne: Minister of Foreign Affairs, Global Affairs Canada.
  7. Renee Maria Tremblay: Supreme Court of Canada Senior Counsel Canada.
  8. Elissa Golberg: Minister of Strategic Policy, Global Affairs Canada.
  9. Karina Gould: Minister of International Development, Global Affairs Canada.
  10. Melanie Joly: Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages, Science and Economic Development.
  11. Maryam Monsef Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Rural Economic Development.

Link to our Twitter feed.

Who Started The Young Global Leaders Forum?

The same man who started The Great Reset initiative and wrote the Book “Covid-19: The Great Reset” – Klaus Schwab.

What is the Forums purpose?

To inspire, connect, and transform our world they say on their site.

Inspire: “YGLs (Young Global Leaders) are motivated to use their talent and influence to be a force for good. We cultivate collective and individual leadership to help develop informed, visionary global change-makers.

Connect: “YGLs believe that by pooling their diverse skills, experiences and networks they can achieve more together. We foster collaboration in the global public interest.

Transform: “YGLs are pioneering and bold. We identify and champion ways to scale-up, amplify and accelerate their impact, to make more of a difference in their communities and beyond.”

The Young Global Leaders Principles

The principles of the Young Global Leaders Forum are Generosity, Authenticity, Respect, and Impact.

Generosity: We take time to listen and support each other at a deep, human level. We go out of our way to make a difference to one another’s work. We’re inclusive. We challenge each other and make diversity a source of strength. Remember when Trudeau said, “diversity is our strength?”

Authenticity: “We bring our real selves to the community. We open up. We seek humility and acknowledge what we don’t know, so we can learn from others. We value each other as individuals, beyond the roles we occupy.”

Respect: “We communicate respect, even when we deeply disagree. We earn trust and honour the commitments we make to one another. We strive for transparency in the way we operate and hold each other accountable.” The questions to be asked are; what are the commitments, and how do you hold each other accountable?

Impact: “We operate as a force for good and stand for something larger than ourselves (think global citizens). We imagine a better world and take personal responsibility to act. We capitalize on diverse talents and networks to achieve more together than we could alone. We overcome barriers that elsewhere stand in the way of progress.” What progress are they referring to? How do they capitalize on diverse talents and networks to achieve more together? What is it that is larger than ourselves that they need to work towards? Saving the planet of course – isn’t it always climate change somehow?

Some notable names of concern under “our people” on their website include;

  1. Klaus Schwab: Founder of the Forum of Young Global Leaders, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum.
  2. Eric Jing: Executive Chairman, Ant Group, People’s Republic of China.
  3. Amina Mohammed: Deputy Secretary-General, United Nations, USA.
  4. H.R.H Prince Jaime de Bourbon de Parme: Senior Adviser, Private Sector Partnerships, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Switzerland.
  5. Shimer Diao: Community Lead, Greater China and North Asia, Forum Foundations, World Economic Forum Beijing, People’s Republic of China

Other supporters

  • Bill and Penny George
  • David Rubenstein
  • Harvard Kennedy School
  • Howard Cox
  • Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Marilyn Carlson Nelson and Glen Nelson
  • Princeton University And linger Center for Energy and the Environment
  • Singapore Economic Development Board
  • University of Oxford Saïd Business School
  • University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business
  • Willis Towers Watson

Concerning quotes on the Young Global Leaders website

  1. Under Impact: “YGLs are active in today’s most exciting and dynamic fields, from the circular economy to digital governance. Their common denominator is a desire to contribute in entrepreneurial ways to the global public interest, building on the World Economic Forum’s legacy. Over our 15-year history, the YGL leadership journey has resulted in the launch of organizations and initiatives, business partnerships, and seed funding for bold new ideas.”
  2. Forging new approaches to public sector leadership A partnership between the Apolitical Academy and the Forum of Young Global Leaders will accelerate innovation in political leadership to unlock the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s promise to build a more sustainable future. Apolitical will equip young leaders with the tools to effectively influence politics and policy by 2021.”
  3. Protecting 30% of the Planet by 2030: Today’s 4% conservation of oceans and 15% of land will not preserve the planet. The National Geographic Society and Dynamic Planet will leverage the Forum of Young Global Leaders to secure a “New Deal for Nature” by 2020 and secure government commitments to protect significant portions of land and sea by 2030.” If these groups are leveraging the forum, it’s safe to say that anyone involved can’t be trusted (more on why later in the article).
  4. “#AfterTheFlush will mobilize local governments, private actors and consumers in India to establish a sustainable sanitation ecosystem, ultimately providing healthier outcomes for communities.” Look up the hashtag #aftertheflush on Twitter for more info.
  5. Becoming a YGL is an opportunity and a commitment. Each new class embarks on a five-year leadership journey that mobilizes their collective talents and accelerates action aimed at tackling societal, political and environmental challenges. Our goal is to create transformative experiences for next-generation leaders that enhance their skills, broaden their world view, and lead to groundbreaking initiatives.”

This means that those involved with this forum agree to take 5 years’ worth of classes. What is unclear is whether or not our elected members of parliament who are involved with this organization do this on their dime and time. Do they pay out of their pocket – or does the forum pay for the bill, or does it get written off as an expense related to parliamentary business – AKA the taxpayer pays?

It’s worth noting that Michelle Rempel of the Conservative Party is was an active member of the Young Global Leaders Forum run by World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab in 2016 and therefore is likely taking part in their 5-year long course. How many classes have Rempel and others in the forum attended? How much time and energy do Rempel and others focus here instead of on domestic problems to help Canadians? Her response to our Twitter feed does nothing to address anything mentioned in this article, but rather seems like political speak to throw this under the rug. Laughing it off as almost conspiratorial and talking about things that resonate with her base.

What is the Apolitical Academy stand for that’s linked through the Young Global Leaders Forum website under impact?

Although it’s tough to say what they stand for without extensive research, I found what should be red flags for many in their about section on their website.

Apolitical is the first global peer-to-peer platform for government, helping public servants find the ideas, experts and partners they need to solve the hardest challenges facing our societies. With public service members from 100+ countries, Apolitical’s partners include the World Bank, the Harvard Kennedy School and the World Economic Forum. It was named one of the world’s 100 most disruptive companies in 2017 by Disrupt100.”

Concerning connection to George Soros Open Society Foundation on the Apolitical Academy website linked through YGL website

Founder & CEO of the Apolitical Academy is Daniel Sachs: “Member of the Global Board, Open Society Foundation. Senior advisor to the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House and European Council member on Foreign Relations.”

Open Society Foundation link.

To Recap the concerns presented in this article

  • The Young Global Leaders Forum is directly linked to Klaus Schwab creator of The Great Reset (he started the forum)
  • Members of the Liberal Party, New Democratic Party (NDP), and the Conservative Party all have been members of the forum
  • The forum describes itself as an organization that fosters “collaboration in the global public interest.”
  • They have a partnership with the Apolitical Academy who is founded by Daniel Sachs, who sits on the Global Board of the Open Societies Foundation founded by George Soros
  • Apolitical describes themselves as a “global peer-to-peer platform for government, helping public servants find the ideas, experts and partners they need to solve the hardest challenges facing our societies.” This brings up a myriad of conflicts of interest.
  • People who become Young Global Leaders (YGL’S) take 5 years’ worth of classes.
  • YGLs are active in today’s most exciting and dynamic fields, from the circular economy to digital governance. Their common denominator is a desire to contribute in entrepreneurial ways to the global public interest, building on the World Economic Forum’s legacy.
  • Ties to members from the Republic of China

Global Citizen talk on the Young Global Leaders Youtube Channel

Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s Prime Minister on Global Citizens:

Young Global Leaders Great Reset Video:

More videos on why they think global citizenship isn’t bad:

Check out their channel!

More to follow – we’ve only just scratched the surface. Next Diverge Media will be looking into how the World Economic Forum Uses The Club of Rome to inform their environmental policies. Specifically we will be looking at the Club of Rome’s Planetary Emergency Plan – a plan that claims land, air, and water as having their own rights! For more info on this, please check our Facebook page, twitter, and Youtube.

Other notable findings during the research of this article to research if you’re interested;

  • National Geographic Society
  • Dynamic Planet
  • Maverick Collective
  • Population Services International
  • The Global Board
  • Royal Institute of International Affairs

Also look into the Global Shapers and The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship Youtube channels linked through the Young Global Leaders Youtube channel under channels.

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Article updated 2021-08-31 to correct an error regarding The Club of Rome’s Planetary Emergency Plan.

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