Rebel News on Lamont Daigle: “I believe he is a narc”

Saturday, Nov. 21, 2020 — Diverge Media was in a “Twitter storm” — as some may call it with @TheLineMedia. This came after Rebel Media founder and owner Ezra Levant tweeted in reply to a now deleted tweet from @TheLineCanada.

“Our reporters have attended 30+ anti-lockdown protests, and have never heard a call for violence or “revolution” except from the kook Lamont Daigle of The Line. I believe he is a narc, an entryist whose real mission is to undermine a legitimate movement.”

Ezra Levant / Rebel News
Ezra explains his tweet about Lamont Daigle. Clip from Rebel News’ Monday Livestream.

As you can read above Tweets, Ezra calls Lamont Daigle, Founder of The Line Canada a “kook” and a “narc.” — Something I’m sure many didn’t like to hear it from the owner of Rebel News himself — but that doesn’t matter regardless.

What matters is that just like us here at Diverge Media, Ezra spoke the truth and his mind on what he thought about Daigle — truth falls where it falls.

But wait — it doesn’t end here.

On Rebel News’ Daily Livestream this Monday, Ezra gets a YouTube ‘super chat’ asking a question about the above tweets.

“I was wondering if you could explain further about your tweets on the weekend about Lamont Daigle and what other organization does he work for?” Read the super chat question from a man named Mark Cougar.

This isn’t the only super chat that shows when you look back at the live chat replay either — another person named “Jorgy Jorgy” was also asking questions about Mr. Daigle.

Ezra Answers

At first Ezra responds by talking about how Rebel Media has been covering these events for many weeks — in Toronto and elsewhere.

Clip from Rebel News’ Monday Livestream.

“We are all in favour of supporting people but Lamont seemed odd in that — his language seemed odd … all of a sudden this guy with a sense of style presents himself with this flashy — but he was a little bit incoherent — that’s fine, we aren’t all silver-tongued devils,” said Levant.

“But then he started saying things that I found worrisome — he talked about violence,” he said.

Clip from Rebel News’ Monday Livestream.

“I think he is a narc or a fool, we know he is an attention whore and I think he’s dangerous to the movement.”

Ezra Levant / Rebel News

Later on during Levant’s tangent about Daigle on their livestream — Ezra notes a hypothesis of his. He talks about how the leader of The Heritage Front was a cop who essentially was undercover to expose racists.

“I believe that the Soldiers of Odin in Canada is basically a way that the RCMP collects every racist in the country — I’m not saying that every single one in the Soldiers of Odin is a racist — but I believe that they are a RCMP front group so that the RCMP can get a name and contact and a watchful eye on every racist in the country.”

Ezra goes on to finish this thought off by saying ” I believe that this is one possibility for Lamont Daigle,” referring to how the leader of the Heritage Front was a cop.

Clip from Rebel News’ Monday Livestream.

He’s a liability and he will undo the movement if he is allowed unchecked.

Ezra Levant / Rebel News

Levant then wraps up his thoughts on Mr. Daigle, only to get a super chat from James Smith, someone who Diverge Media has interviewed a few times before the release of our article on Daigle.

The super chat read: “Lamont didn’t turn up out of the blue, he was at Queen’s Park since April, same as me. He’s not perfect but he is committed to freedom. That interview was late at night and what he thought was friendly media.”

Levant then goes on to say that Lamont is only going to go on to hurt the movement and that he is the only one that Rebel has met who has talked about violence.

Lamont Daigle was also brushing shoulders with united nations reps and those with close ties to government before leading protest against lockdowns and restrictions in the street

For instance, Mr. Daigle MC’D an event for the International Men’s Day in 2019 where a United Nations representative was a special “guest speaker.”
Daigle on the Right: UN Secretariat in the middle right:

That UN rep was Ayman Chowdhury. Mr. Chowdhury is Secretariat for the Global Compact Network in Canada. The Global compact is a NGO of the United Nations. According to his Global Compact biography he “specializes in the SDGs (sustainable development goals) reporting and providing guidance to companies on how to embed sustainability into their core strategy.”

Before his work as the United Nations Secretariat of the Global Compact in Canada “Ayman worked at e.Gen Consultants Ltd., an international management consulting firm based in Bangladesh, as a business development expert to pursue and manage development projects funded by the multilateral and bilateral agencies including the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the Japan International Cooperation Agency and the United Nations Development Program.”

This is just a little odd. Why is Mr. Daigle brushing shoulders with men who head up the United Nations Global Compact in Canada when he was later found leading an organization “fighting” for peoples rights. I think Ezra had it right when he said “Lamont is a nark.”

Some of the other names attached to this organization seem to be brushing shoulders with politicians too – it could all be a coincidence, but when the head of the United Nations Global Compact speaks at an event that ties them together, you question things a lot more.

Farrukh Baig – Co- Founder International Men’s Day Canada

Now before you think this is an image mocking Doug Ford – Here is another picture saying he voted for O’Toole.

It gets much stranger though. Dianne Ojar, founder of the International mens day put out a tweet saying “Thank you Donna Child, Rebecca Ramshaw, Shane Suepaul, Asifa Baig, Farrukh Baig, Lamont Daigle, Sandra Mitchell, Joan John and her team, Destiny, and Mala Singh what an amazing show.”

Naturally, as Diverge Media does, we investigated the names on this list and found some really troubling info from Mala Singh – whose actual profile handle on Facebook is Mala L. N Sharma-Singh.

Dianne Ojar post shared through another supporters page

Here is Mala Singh who says on her LinkedIn profile that she has “25 years Public Service Award from the Prime Minister of Canada Provincial Government of Canada, Ministry of Attorney General. Law Research Chief Judges Office Event Management, Political Campaigns, Television Producer, Host City TV, Global Television, Rogers Casting Director Hollywood and Bollywood Films, music videos.
Media Relations, and Corporate Communications. Strong human resources professional.”

She seems to be all to close to her “very good friend” Doug Ford. This woman was personally thanked by the founder of the International Men’s Day Canada event for helping to make it possible. A powerful coincidence I’m sure.

Last but not least, here’s Donna Child who was also personally thanked in the IMD Canada founders Facebook message with none other than Toronto Mayor John Tory;

All these people were personally thanked for their help in making the event possible INCLUDING LAMONT DAIGLE, the event he MC’d.

Is this just an average guy brushing shoulders with the most elite in Canada – or is this a nark?

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